Sunday, May 09, 2010

Krejci down is important

No one has posted here for a while... I assume we are all still watching, still thinking about the games. I am personally still generally disappointed in the fan base. They gave up on the team as worthless and now are jumping back on just as quickly. And I am not sold on Tukka as it seems the rest of Bruins nation is. I think Timmy wins game four and we sweep the series. The Tuk was weak. That said, I do not believe either goaltender on this team is as good as they appear. This system makes goalies look good. Unfortunately for Timmy and Tukka it can also make them appear bad when they do not get the needed offensive support, as happened for Timmy earlier this year and now the coach would get so much public dissent if he were to move off of Tukka...well he just couldn't do it. I understand this. Rask is just down on his knees too much, the youngster has never heard of a stand up save. Every shot puts him to his knees. 5 goals scored on Friday, 5 times Rask is on his knees when the goal goes in. In overtime he lets himself get run over in his crease and then can not stop the games winner as he swims around on the wrong side of the crease. We will need more from Tukka in these playoffs cause now he is the hope. I for one hopes he stands up and delivers.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bruins Week In Review

The Olympics ended (YAY CANADA EH!!!) and The Bruins started again this week.

- On Tuesday The B's lost a stinker to The Habs 4-1.
- On Wednesday (trade deadline) The Bruins got rid of Bitz and Morris and gained Dennis Seidenberg - a slight upgrade.
- On Wednesday Timmy returned between the pipes and was the sole reason for a 3-2 shootout win over Toronto.

By now everybody knows that The Bruins are having problems scoring goals. There seems to be some panic with some of the fans over this. Instead of panicking I am looking at the positive: The Bruins don't need to be in the highest scoring teams to win! All they have to do is out score their opponents in any given game - if they are not scoring much all they have to do is be scored on less. It doesn't matter the number of goals scored as long as it is more than your opponent scores. The Bruins strength is defense and goaltending so focusing on letting in less goals should come easily. If they accomplish this they will won't need to score many goals to win - problem solved! Maybe someone will pick up goal scoring or they acquire a goal scorer in the off season but until then The Bruins will have to rely on defense and goaltending to win and they have tools to do this.

Today The Bruins play The Islanders in an afternoon game. I predict a 3-1 victory.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Game Before The Olympic Break!

Tonight The Bruins try to make it 4 straight victories when they visit The Panthers.

Everybody knows that The Bruins beat Tampa on Thursday 5-4 after almost blowing a 5-0 lead but a win is a win and 2 points are 2 points regardless of what they look like - that game is over time to move on. However, before I move on, I want to talk about 2 players and their play of late.

First is Michael Ryder. Ryder has been giving it his all this season and for a long time was not getting rewarded for how hard he was trying. Lately he has popped a couple of goals and he looks more confident. He seems to have a swagger to his play the last 2 games. He is trying more moves, his passes are better and his shot seems to be more placed with more zip to it. Ryder is back!!

Second is Blake Wheeler. Wheeler's play used top bother me. I saw him as a lazy player who took too many stupid penalties and for someone his size he was a puss! However, in the last few games I saw him in a fight and roughing it up on a few more occasions. His play has also improved. He is working harder without the puck and seems to be giving a full effort now. He is passing when he should instead of always trying to beat someone first. I am impressed with his play as of late (wow! thought I would never say that). If Wheeler keeps this up he will be helping his line instead of just being a beneficiary of playing with Ryder and Krejci. Wheels may be arriving!

Anyway tonight I predict a 5 -2 win over The Panthers.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bruins Streaking Into Tampa

Tonight The Surging Bruins take on The Lightning. The Bruins have won 2 in a row, have points in the last 4 games and have earned points in 5 of their last 6 games - they are officially "HOT"!

They are currently in a battle for the 6th through 13th spots with several teams, including Tampa.
Tonight (as with all games from here on out) is a HUGE game. They have to get every possible point for playoff positioning. They have 2 huge wins in a row over Montreal and Buffalo and have to keep this momentum tonight to defeat the surprising Lightning - I think they will!

Also, with the trade deadline approaching in less than a month and The Bruins wanting to get better, there are going to be trade rumors. In the last 2 weeks I have heard or read about almost every player on the roster mentioned in trade talks. I pay no attention to these until a trade is actually made - The Bruins will probably make a move or 2 but until they are made everything else is just a rumor and I pay no attention to rumors.

Prediction: Bruins offense breaks out tonight: Bruins 5 - Tampa 0!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

A New Streak Begins!!!

By now everybody knows that our beloved Bruins defeated The Hated Habs yesterday 3-0 to end their 10 game losing steak. This win also marked the end of GM, Bob Gainey's tenure, in Montreal. After the loss he stepped down (or rather, "step down or your fired") from the Montreal hockey team.

The Bruins have not been beaten in regulation in their last 3 games - 3 consecutive games with at least one point and counting. The swagger should be back soon (I believe they have it back now).

Yesterday's game saw some great moments:

- Rask with the shutout!
- McQuaid with his 1st ever point (a goal!!)
- Wheeler in a fight! Yes, Wheeler the 2nd biggest puss the Bruins had in the last 25 years (Kessel being the biggest) in a fight! - Great stuff - I gained a little respect for him yesterday!

The Bruins bring their 3 game point streak to Buffalo tomorrow - with the Bruins new found swagger I wouldn't want to be a Sabre's fan tomorrow night!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl Sunday vs. Habs

Yesterday, against The Canucks, The Bruins outplayed their opponent and lost once again. The Bruins are doing everything right except hitting the back of the net more. Is it just me or has every goalie The Bruins have faced since X-Mas had the best game of their season??? Yesterday Luongo was great and even made saves he didn't see (lucky he was hit by the puck on a couple of occasions).

Ryder is snake bitten as he is doing everything he can to score but it just won't go in for him (although he did get 1 yesterday) - I have never seen a player play so good or give so much as Ryder has in the last month and not be rewarded for it.

Lucic still looks rusty but that will come in time.

Savard is back! Needs a sniper with him soon (maybe move Sturm up or even Ryder). Moving Ryder up could fix both problems (just a thought).

Anyway, this afternoon they face The Habs - what a better way to end this streak than against their hated rivals!

The puck has to go in soon; so why not today! I feel good about this game and the rest of The Bruins season.

No need to give up on this season yet - a win can turn things around quickly and as bad as they have been they are still in the thick of things!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My 1st Video try

The Bruins are outplaying their opponents in every game and are playing good but the bottom line is that they are not winning and when a team is losing it doesn't matter how good they are playing - they have to play better!!! Hit the net!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

* UPDATE: Bruins play great 1st 2 periods but only capitalize twice (should have had 6 goals at least) - blow a 2 goal lead and lose in the shootout!

DEJA VU!!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Not Over!!!!

I am not giving up on this team!!! I watched the game last night and I saw something; I saw heart and determination! They lost 2-1 to Buffalo but they outplayed the Sabres and deserved to win. They actually looked like they wanted it! Players are getting back healthy now and after a few games to get timing back and get used to set lines again this team (with all it's talent) will right this ship!

This is it - this is rock bottom! This is the worst they can actually be so we don't have to worry about being any worse - they can only go up from here - things can only get better and better they WILL get - I saw a glimpse of it last night. Tonight is The Kings and I predict this is the first game of the turn around! The Bruins WILL win and will continue to improve and win more. They will climb up to 4th or 5th in the conference by seasons end and this adversity will have them hungry and more prepared for the playoffs than their cruising through the regular season did last year. This WILL be a team to be reckoned with and I mean this season!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game 3 Of West Coast Swing Today

The Bruins play The Kings today in The 3rd and final game of their California road trip. They lost Wednesday 4-3 to The Mighty Ducks and and beat The Sharks in a shootout on Thursday (Sharks don't lose to often - Big Joe and his team must have thought it was a playoff game).

If they can win today 2 out of 3 isn't bad with their injury problems. Hard work and grit will be enough to beat The Kings but they have to play this way for 60 minutes or else it will be trouble.

I was given a new video camera for Christmas (JVC Everio) and I am hoping to soon be doing a weekly video post on this site (as soon as I learn the ins and outs of using it) - stay tuned.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Michael Ryder's Struggles Explained!

Michael Ryder for all his talent, great shot and best release in the NHL is struggling to find the back of the net so far this season. He has only 10 goals so far this season.

I will try to explain a reason for some of his problems - family. Michael is a brother to a younger more talented hockey player named Daniel. Daniel had the hockey world by the balls and was destined to be superstar,

"Ryder was considered a top prospect and pure goal scorer. When he turned pro in 2007-08 with the AHL's Quad City Flames, after signing a three-year entry level contract that called for a $225,000 signing bonus, Ryder walked out on the team after just six games and was subsequently suspended by Calgary. Last season, Ryder started with the AHL Flames and had nine points through 19 games before being optioned to Las Vegas of the ECHL. That lasted four games. Loaned to the Boston organization, Ryder closed out the season by appearing in 20 games for the AHL's Providence (R.I.) Bruins."

"Ryder is a former 80-point scorer in junior hockey and Wayne Gretzky 99 Award winner as OHL playoff MVP. A first-round OHL draft pick, he was a star on the Peterborough Petes and went on to become one of the top-10 scorers in the franchise's history."

Daniel had a tryout with the Bruins farm team but was let go because of excessive drinking and drug use when on a no substance or alcohol total ban.

For big brother Michael this has to be on his mind. As great as a bond with your team is, there is no greater tie than that of family. This has to be on his mind. I know that if I am having family problems I find it hard to concentrate at work and I don't have to make decisions in 1/1000th of a second like Michael. No wonder he is slumping a bit.

The best thing for Michael is not to sit out or be moved back on a lesser line as this will destroy his shaky confidence all together - he has to keep playing hard and work through it. Hopefully playing the game gives his mind a rest from his brother's problems for a short period of time.

I watch the games and I see Michael working harder than ever - this is a good sign and when his head is clear he will return to a 25-30 goal scorer - don't give up on him yet; his release and shot are to good to be denied much longer.

As for the moment I am giving Michael a free pass on his play (I don't remember a situation ever where I thought this) and I am praying that this latest set back by Daniel is a wake up call - his hockey career may be over before it began but he still has a full life left to live.

Best of luck to the Ryder brothers during this time.

Go Bruins and Ryders Go!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Quick Notes From This Week

Monday night vs. Rangers:
- lose 3-2
- play good for 5 minutes and almost escape with a point they never deserved
- late mistake cost them the game
- Ference gets injured

Tuesday vs. Ottawa:
- It's Ottawa - they always beat them
- Thomas' dominance over The Sens continues ( something like 600 consecutive wins )
- Bergy gets injured

Last night vs. Hawks:
- Blow a 2-0 lead
- They were dominated most of the game
- Thomas pulled
- Lucic returns
- Savard injured

This week is a good example of how The Bruins season is going; up and down and wondering who will be injured next. Perseverance is needed.

Rangers are next on Saturday - revenge!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back Posting Again - Finally

Last month I went to Montreal and saw, first hand, The Bruins get destroyed by the hated habs. It was the first time I ever witnessed The Bruins lose live in regulation. I can not describe what I felt on that night - my stomach just sank. Oh well it is over now and it is only one game. I had a great trip besides the game and did lots of shopping (Christmas and self) and eating (I ate a years supply of food in 5 days).

I came back from Montreal and was well into Christmas mode at work (70 - 80 hour work weeks) and then it was the craziness of the season itself ( visiting and visitors and lots of eating again). All that is over now and I am ready to get back to this blog.

The Bruins played a historic game on News Year Day outdoors and came away with a 2-1 ot victory over The Flyers.

The season so far is fairly good. Slow start but improved play as of late. Goaltending and defense are incredible but the offense is lacking a bit (hey if no one scores on us we don't need many goals - do we).

I apologize for my absence as of late and I will be regularly updating this site once again.

The Bruins next game is Monday against The Rangers.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Habs To Go Down Like Tampa Did Last Night!

The Bruins destroyed The Lightning 4-1 last night and are on a roll. Savard, Bergy, Chara, Sturm, Timmy, and all The Bruins played great last night.

I am sitting across the street for The Bell Center in Montreal writing this and I can't wait for tomorrow night's game. I have great seats; Club Desjardin - private entrance, coat check, lounges, bigger seats and all the food you can eat for free!!!

This game marks the 100th anniversary of The Habs first ever game and there is a big 2 hour ceremony before the game starts (seems like these losers have ceremonies for something every second game). I guess they have to honor and live in the past because the present and near future with the way they are going is going to be crap!

I predict a 4-0 win for The Bruins with myself being the most hated person in Montreal tomorrow night. My girlfriend is worried about me getting jumped and beat up but I tell her so what - what a great story that will make!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Quick Notes

- Lucic hurt again! Out 4 weeks :(

- Savard resigns for 7 more seasons :) This is awesome - I was a bit surprised by this and more surprised by the cost - it was a deal!

-Bruins have gotten points in 10 of their last 11 games - Big and Bad are Back!!!!

-Bitz is playing great - filling in great for Lucic.

-Rydermania slowed for a while but is back in full force once again!!!

The Bruins play Tampa tonight and then the Habs on Friday. I am leaving today for Montreal and I will be at The Bruins/Habs tilt on Friday night!

Go Bruins Go!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


8 out of 8 points on the road! Awesome!

I will have a couple of posts coming very soon - very busy right now but some things I want to post coming this week.

Third place!!!

Jersey is next the day after Thanksgiving (wasn't thanksgiving last month??).

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quick Post - No Time

2 wins followed by a loss.

Pittsburgh tonite.

Prediction: 6-1 Bruins! Scoring slump ends now! 3 for Ryder!!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009


I don't know what to say.

1-0 loss to The Rangers, 2-0 loss to The Wings and 2-1 penalty shot competition loss to The Habs.
I watched all these games from start to finish and The Bruins could have and maybe should have won all 3 of them. They are out playing teams and are great defensively but are just not scoring. I don't think they have to panic and change things...the goals will come...won't they???

Anyway, tonight we play The Sabres. Expect a 1-0 or 2-1 win...hopefully!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great Looking Victory

This afternoon the Boston Bruins shutout the Edmonton Oilers 2-0 in what may have been their best all around game of the season so far. All lines looked great while the defense and goaltending were just about perfect!

Sobotka, Wheeler and Paille each had 2 points while Rask recorded the goose egg. Chara, Wideman, Sobotka, Sturm and Begin were all hitting (great intensity). The Ryder, Bergy and Marchant line were flying again and Krejci looks better and better with each game played.

This was a great game on The Bruins part! Much needed intensity and all around better effort for the full sixty.

3 stars as picked by me:

3 - Wheeler - 2 points (goal and assist) and great poise.
2 - Chara - was a defensive force!
1 - Sobotka - 2 points (goal and assist) great physical play.

The Bruins now play the over rated Rangers tomorrow afternoon.
I predict a HUGE win for The Bruins. Maybe 6 or 7 to 1.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Cap idea

I was thinking about the NBA and team stability. In the NBA it seems there is a lot of player movement. Maybe too much player turnover? I think the cap system is largely responsible for this. The older pre-cap systems had players play entire careers in one uniform (will P.J be the last Bruin with this honor). As a fan some appreciate this loyalty and continuity. So my idea to encourage ream loyalty and give the home team an advantage in the UFA market, would be something along the following lines. After x (3?) years players can be given a bonus of some percentage of their cap contract (also %3?) per year of service to their team that is not counted against the cap. Here is an fictional example - at 10 years into his Bruin career at age 28 Patrice Bergeron is ready to sign a UFA contract. On the open market he is expecting to get 10 million per year(easy numbers, inflation and he is the leagues most dominant 2 way center ;) ). Any team in the league can offer him this amount as long as they can make it work with in their cap. The Bruins having had him for 7 years beyond the first 3 can offer him 21 percent or 2.1 million more cap free and would then have an advantage on the open market. Of course this bonus money would be forfeited in the event of a trade to keep the cap numbers easy. And for this reason I would expect no trade clauses to become more common etc.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Bruins Need Their Edge Back!

The Bruins split their last 2 games against Ottawa and New Jersey. Against Ottawa The B's walked away with 2 points that they did not deserve thanks to a late charge featuring 2 goals in the last minute and a half and Bergy potting the penalty shot competition winner. Last night The Bruins played better and deserved to win but came away with nothing as they gave up a late goal to fall 2-1.

Lately The Bruins have no intensity. They are not playing with their edge anymore. I know losing Looch to injury is a big reason for this but they still need to have some grit. Their toughness is invisible. In my opinion (this is just my opinion - not everyone will agree) I think that Chara should show he is our captain and leader and seen a message. I want him pound someone early next game to send the message that they are to be feared and respected. Then I would love to see Thornton follow up Chara's fight with one of his own. If they get their emotions going early and send a message I think that they will play more intense!

The Bruins next game is an afternoon affair against Edmonton. I hope they bring it!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Been Busy

I have been extremely busy this week so I missed updating alot of news.

Here it is quickly:

- Bruins lost to The Yotes 4-1. (boo!!!)
- Savard, Lucic and Thornton all injured (The Bruins need to drink more milk)
- a lot of call ups.
-Bruins beat Nashville 3-2
- Bruins tie Philly but lose penalty shot competition (why are games still decided this way?)

Game notes:
- Begin looks good
- Bergy is BACK! He is playing amazing.
- Bergy, Ryder and Marchand are flying. (this line is great!)
- Where is Krejci? He needs to get back to last years form!
- I'm not sold on Rask yet. No opinion yet - good or bad - i'm still watching to decide.
- Chara is playing very good but needs to get a little nastier to get life back in this team (maybe a beat down on someone soon).

They are playing ok and it is only a matter of time before the string together a few wins in a row. No panic here by me yet.

Tonight could be the beginning of a winning streak as they take on Ottawa.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Looch Injured?

Guillaume Lefebvre has been called up from Providence for tonight's game against The Yotes.
He is expected to be playing in Milan Lucic's place as there is a suspected injury to The Bruins bruiser that occurred in the 3rd period of last night's game against The Stars.

Bruins Destroy Dallas!!

Last night The Bruins finally played a complete game as they skated to victory over The Dallas Stars. The B's easily won this contest 3-0.

Rydermania was in full force last night as Michael was on a mission. He skated in hard on a Chara dump-in to throw a check that enabled Sturm to pick up the loose puck and feed it to Savard who in turn found twine. On the the third goal Ryder played keep away by himself until he finally decided to dish it to Savard for the one-timer shot and goal!

Bergy also looked good as he had a beautiful tip in for the second goal in between the Michael Ryder show.

Chara was a force on "D" and newcomer, Johnny Boychuk, really impressed me.

Timmy had the shutout and looked as good as ever (probably going to be a 2nd consecutive Vezina in his future).

The three stars as picked by me are (this is a tough one b/c I feel 5 or 6 players are deserving):

3rd: Michael Ryder - Rydermania is back!

2nd: Timmy Thomas - simply the best in the league at his position!

1st: Marc Savard - 2 goals and a lot of heart!

Tonight the Bruins travel to Phoenix to play the Yotes. If Boston plays like they did last night it is over already! I predict a 6-1 Bruins victory!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early Candidate For The Garden's Goal Of The Year

Rough Weekend For Bruins

On Saturday Night The Bruins played a great final 8 minutes to come back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the lowly Islanders in a penalty shot competition.

On Monday afternoon, in a matinee affair, The B's lost to Colorado 4-3. These were 2 poor efforts put forth by The Bruins. Not to worry yet as the season is still early but they do have to pick up their intensity if they wish to win games.

They have a chance to turn things around this weekend with a pair of road games against The Stars on Friday and The Yotes on Saturday.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

WOW! That Was Bad!

Last night the Bruins were thumped by The Ducks 6-1. They actually played a good 1st period but the rest of the game was terrible! They totally lacked heart and intensity in this game; The Ducks wanted it and worked for it more.

The Bruins have to work harder on every shift; teams are not just going to roll over for them. They have to work hard for victories.

Hopefully this is all straightened out when they play The Islanders on Saturday.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Milan Signs Extension

Milan Lucic signed a three year, 12.25 million dollar extension, which amounts to 4.083333 million dollars per season.

Good for Looch!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

BRUINS WIN 7-2 !!!

Last night The B's destroyed the team that eliminated them from last years playoffs, The Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins won the game 7-2 and dominated totally between the opening and closing buzzers! They not only dominated on the score card but also physically; they out hit and handily out fought their overwhelmed foes last night (Lucic, Chara and Thornton are monsters!).

Going into the season hockey writers were wondering who would replace Kessel's goals. I thought that they never had to be replaced. Who cares about replacing them when everyone can score; why put all the eggs in one basket? Last night The Bruins had 7 goals by 7 different goal scorers and if you look at their line up you will see that all their players can score with a very strong possibility of all the players on the 1st three lines netting over 20 goals each (can any other team in the league right now make that claim?? - NO!).

Scoring for the Bruins last night were: Savard, Ryder, Wheeler, Sturm, Wideman, Thornton and Hunwick. Sturm, Savard, Ryder, Begin and Morris each had multiple point nights.

Thomas looked good last night and had a couple of "only Thomas could have made that save" saves.

The 3 stars as picked by me were:

3rd - Ryder
2nd - Savard
1st - Sturm - welcome back!!!!

The Bruins next game is Thursday Oct 8th against The Ducks.

Go Bruins Go!!!

A long distance view

I have been traveling abroad and tried to use my slingbox to view the first game... due to technical difficulties I was unable to watch. Judging from the outcome perhaps its better that I didn't sit through it. Chance two came this morning when I got up at local time 6 am to watch Bruins in two again on the slingbox. This game did not disappoint despite being less than Hi-Def.

Looking at the line up before the season opener I was struck by the the balance. I know this was echoed on the Nesn broadcast and is probably being talked about everywhere, but this years Bruins team has a top 9 group of forwards that you could argue all score 20 goals. Then lets begin to to talk about Begin, who's began the season by only leading the team in assists and plus minus while playing on the 4th line. All but four players have points after 2 games and 9 total goals. This is a TEAM. They will go as far as their hearts and desires (health and luck will also help)will bring them.

Looking forward to the seeing the remaining 4 score.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

How The Bruin's Got Their Name And Colours ("Colors" for my American friends)

When grocery store tycoon Charles Adams brought a team to Boston, he hired former hockey great Art Ross to serve as his general manager. Adams tasked Ross with coming up with a nickname, with one of the requirements being that the team’s colors would be the same as his grocery store chain – brown and yellow. Ross decided on Bruins.

Not much but I find it interesting.

Carolina goes down tonight!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Washington Capitalizes In Boston!!

Good News and bad news!

First the bad news: The Bruins lose their season opening game 4-1 to The Washington Capitals. They were out played and outworked most of the game and deserved to lose. They were unable to generate a flow to their game and Washington looked like they were in mid season form.

Now for the good news: Hockey is back!!! It was great to sit down and watch The Bruins again. It seems like forever since they played.

The Bruins looked bad in the loss last night but it was only the 1st game of the season and only one loss. They will bounce back and be better; they are still going to be a very strong team this season.

Next up is Carolina on Saturday. The B's will bring their "A" game as they want revenge on these bozos for last season's playoffs.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Opening Night!!!!!

The Bruins kick off the season tonight as they host The Washington Capitals. This should be a good test to start the season as The Capitals have a descent, better than average hockey team (they finished 2nd in the East last season: 8 points back of The Bruins). I can't wait!
It will be interesting to see the new line combinations, powerplay units and penalty killing lines used tonight. It will be different seeing the new guys play and also not to be watching some familiar faces (I personally am going to be missing P.J.).
The excitement is eating me up! I can not remember ever being this pumped for the beginning of a season before - it is all I can think about and I'm driving everyone nuts talking about it. (my little town is filled with mostly all Habs and Leafs fans...losers!)

I predict a Bruins 4-1 win tonight with Big games from Thomas, Ryder and Krejci! (Savard having a big game is always a given).

Go Bruins Go!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Season

The 2009 - 2010 hockey season is less than a week away and I am going insane waiting for hockey to start again. I will be posting a few thoughts and stories about the Bruins this off season over the next couple of days.
This looks like it could be our year! The pieces are all there! They are a team that could win it all this year. Of course team chemistry, injuries and luck could also play a factor but from what I see they should be on the short list for possible Stanley Cup contenders.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

DONE!!!! - Different Cast, Same Old Story!

I'll post in a day or two about the game and season. I don't take losing well and to see a missed cup opportunity gone has me pissed! Show me a good loser and I'll show you an idiot!
Show me a good loser and I'll show you someone who does not have my competitiveness or passion for winning. - Thats better, idiot was not the right thing to say there, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Two Most Exciting Words In Sports: GAME SEVEN!

Last night The Bruins defeated The Hurricanes 4-2 to force a game 7. Game 7 will be played in Boston on Thursday night and I, for one, am pumped! I love this! The Bruins were down 3 games to one and were playing like crap but instead of giving up they dug down deep and took control of this series with back to back wins.

Game highlights from last night were:
- Chara playing BIG!
- Stall not showing up (the big baby looks scared)
- Bergeron had 2 assists and was a force all night.
- Lucic with a Savardian set up for Savards goal.
- Timmy making great save after great save.
- Great penalty kills late in the game.
- Ryder, Bitz and Krejci looking good all night and set up Montador's goal.
- Savard hurt his knee but didn't look bad - he will be 100% on Thursday!

3 stars as picked by me are:

#3. Byron Bitz - played big all game and was a work horse.

#2. Patrice Bergeron - two great assists and was always back defensively.

#1. Timmy Thomas - huge saves for the win as they were outshot 33-19.

Thursday Night: Game 7: Are You Ready For Some Hockey!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Bruins Win Game #5!

Bruins win 4-0 but still trail series 3-2. Another must win on Tuesday night.
Need to keep the intensity and dominate The Canes!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Over? Did You Say Over? Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It's Over!!!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Playoff Video

Bruins lose 4-1. Hurricanes lead series 3-1

Well that was disappointing!!!!

This is not the team I watched all year and I know they are better than this!!!

No more room for mistakes; have to play smarter and want it more if they wish to continue to keep playing.

They are quite simply being outplayed and outworked by an inferior team. All their losses are deserved because of their effort put forth.

Smarten up Bruins and play with some heart!!! I thought you guys wanted it as bad as me; well prove it!!!

This ain't no garden party, brother, this is hockey, where only the strongest survive!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bruins Lose 3-2 In OT. Hurricanes Lead Series 2-1.

Shitty game! Little effort! Never looked like the team I watched all season at all!

Bad individual mistakes and mental lapses; I will not name players but the team as a whole has to play better.

Game 4 tonight!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bruins Lose 3-0. Series Tied 1-1.

The Bruins made a couple of mistakes that cost them but they still played good enough to win.
Cam Ward shut the door on them and was the sole reason for the loss. He is their only hope but I am still not worried because no goalie can beat this Bruins' team 4 times in a series himself.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bruins Win 4-1! Lead Series 1-0!!

Last night The Bruins won the opening game of the 2nd round by soundly beating The Hurricanes 4-1. Ten days off and no rust; they were by far the better team.

Game highlights:

- Ward scores on a pass from RYDER 1:34 into the game.
- Thomas was finally needed and he answered the bell.
- Savard scores twice.
- Ference made his return to the lineup after injury.
- Staal did nothing.
- RYDER takes advantage of a giveaway and blows a Bonavista Bullet by Ward!
- Lucic moved up to the top line, Wheels reunited with Krejci and RYDER and Axelsson grinds it out with Thornton and Yelle.
- Chara 3rd on The Bruins' defense in ice time. Ward and Wideman played more.

3 Stars as picked by me:

#3. Savard - 2 goals and lots of energy!
#2. Thomas - Played great and made 4 fantastic "Timmy" saves (2 with right pad, one with the left and a great glove save).
#1. Michael "Conn Smythe" Ryder - goal and an assist and a threat all night! Now leads the NHL in playoff scoring!!!

Game #2 will be played Sunday night.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 2!

Tomorrow night The Bruins begin round two of The Playoffs against The Carolina Hurricanes in, yet, another battle of New England. In the 1st round The Bruins easily disposed of The Montreal Canadiens and it looks like this round won't be any harder. Carolina are an ok team but The Bruins are THE TEAM!!!! The talent levels on these teams are not even close; Carolina has 1 maybe 2 descent players and The Bruins have all strong players and play as a single unit for a common goal!

Rydermania is ready to run wild again!!!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vezina For Timmy?

Timmy has already locked up (with Manny) The Jennings Trophy for least GAA all season and has also won the trophy (which name I don't know and don't care enough to look up) for lowest save percentage. He is now nominated against 2 Western Goalies (Mason and Backstrom) for The Vezina. This should be an easy choice as Timmy should win hands down... but stranger things have happened.

Chara was nominated for The Norris Trophy for top defenceman along with Lidstrom and Green. This award is not a given for "Z" as he is in tough company - could flip a coin here as all are great D-men and all play different styles.

Wheeler never got a Calder nomination for top rookie (I thought he he had a chance to be nominated) but whatever; Mason will win this one regardless.

Julien should get a nomination for Coach Of The Year but we will have to wait and see on that.

Ryder is also an early candidate for the Conn Smythe.

These individual awards are nice but really don't mean crap to these players as they are chasing one trophy and one trophy only, "The Stanley Cup"!!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Bruins' Fan Dancing After Win Over Montreal!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 Games To Zero; Series Over!

Last night The Boston Brooms (do you see what I did there?... I said Boston Brooms b/c brooms sounds like Bruins and and The Bruins swept The Habs last night and brooms are used for sweeping) finished off The Montreal Canadiens with style to win the series in 4 straight games.
The Bruins now advance to the 2nd round to play some other loser team when the rest of the series' finish.

Game hilites:

- Montreal comes out flying again and scores 1st goal.
- After the 1st half of the opening period the game looks like a Bruins practice once again.
- RYDER scores Bruins 1st goal!
- RYDER assists Bruins 2nd goal by Krejci.
- Kessel scores 3rd goal after exiting the penalty box.
- RYDER scores again! You have to be kidding me!!! I'm going nuts!!!!
- Habs fans mock cheer Price for making a save (losers!!)
- Price reacts to fans (good for him, lets them know they have no class)
- Fans start chanting Carbo, Carbo, Carbo... to piss off their own coach (he fired Carboneau).
- My girlfriend (who is from Bonavista and was born in the same hospital as Michael Ryder) starts to cry with joy when Ryder scores his second goal.
- Looch downs Komisarek with two puches.
- Komisarek gets even with a 5 minutes major by putting a stick to Looch's face.
- My girlfriend's 10 year old son gets as far a way from us as he can. When I go to find him he says we are scaring him with all the yelling, crying and screaming... I then expain playoff hockey to him.

3 Stars as picked by me:

3. The Montreal fans, again, for being classless losers and totally taking the life out of their team by the boos and tastless chants (thanks losers!)
2. David Krejci - The jam to Ryder's peanut butter!
1. Come on, do I really have to say it! No surprise here: Michael "F'N" Ryder!!!! - 2 goals and an assist on his old loser team that treated him (as they do everyone else) like shit last season.

The Bruins have a little time off before the next series starts; time to enjoy but also realize that this was not their goal! Beating The Canadiens is great but they were, in reality, just a stepping stone to what they really want: The Stanley Cup!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bruins Win 4-2! Lead Series 3-0!!

On Monday night The Bruins defeated Les Canadiens (again) to take a 3-0 series lead. The Final score was 4-2. Scoring for The Bruins were, Kessel, Thornton (The Bruins finally have a guy named Thornton who shows up playoff time), RYDER! and Kobasew.

Game highlights:

- Canadiens fans booing Carey Price during the warm up (losers!)
- Canadiens fans booing the American Anthem (classless losers!!!)
- Montreal played a good first 15 minutes.
- Montreal had no life after the first 15 minutes.
- Thornton scores from Bitz.
- Rydermania is alive and well as he nets the game winner. (he played for Montreal last year and was a playoff scratch - guess he wasn't good enough - LOSERS!).
- Bruins win the game and take a 3-0 series lead.

3 stars as picked by me:

3. Krejci - was all over the place. Everytime he was on the ice the Bruins were in control.
2. The Habs fans - these losers booing their own team only hurt The Habs and lifted The Bruins.
1. Michael Ryder - game winner over his former loser team!!!!!

These two teams meet again on Wednesday night.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bruins win 5-1! Lead Series 2-0!!

Last night The Bruins handed The Habs their asses! I am not sure what happened in the 1st game to make the score so close (4-2) but the score last night more reflected the true difference in the caliber of these teams.

Game 2 hilites:

- Bruins win 5-1!
- Savard has 4 points. 2 goals and 2 assists.
- Rydermania is alive and well! A goal and a beautiful assist!
- Gorges tries to fight a guy who has missed a season and a half with 2 concussions and has never been in a NHL fight - Bergy easily drops him. HA HA HA HA!!!!!
- Kovalev refuses to pass to his team mates and tries to do it all himself (loser!)
- Laraque still hasn't learned how to skate (bigger loser!!)
- Lucic gets his stick high and will be looked at by the league (maybe a game suspension???)
- Thomas was good.
- Hnidy, who was in for Hunwick, scores a goal.

4 stars as picked by me (3 is not enough for this game):

4 - Axelsson - played great, did all the little things perfect.
3 - Bergy - same as Axe but also had a great fight.
2 - Ryder - Great goal and beautiful assist. Wha cha Gonna Do When Rydermania runs wild over you!!!!!
1 - Savy - First 4 point playoff game for a Bruin since Oates in 1901!

They meet again on Monday in Montreal for game #3.

Go Bruins Go!!!

* EDIT: Looch is suspended for 1 game. Probably will have Bitz put in on 4th line and Wheeler reunited with Krazy Krejci and Rydermania.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bruins Double THe Habs In Game One!

Last night, in the first game of their opening round series, The Bruins defeated The Canadiens 4-2.

The Bruins got out to a quick 2-0 lead on goals by Kessel and Krejci but The Habs fought back to tie it at 2. In the third period (during a tv time out) Chara said, "Enough of this crap guys! Savard, you do you magic and get me the puck and I will do the rest! Lets Go!!" Sure enough Savard got him the puck and he blasted the winner easily by the overratted Price. Kessel added an empty netter: game over. The Bruins lead the series 1 game to none!

The Bruins played great in the first period and the last 10 minutes of the 3rd. The Habs had control in the 2nd and the 1st 10 minutes of the 3rd. Not the Bruins best game but this time of year all that matters is the "W"! They never played great but played good enough to win. I feel their play will improve greatly from this game and the sloppiness seen last night will be no more

Game hilights:

- Georges Laraque played on Montreals 1st line all night!? Thanks Bob.
- Lucic with big hits all night and keeping his temper in check.
- Kessel with 2 goals.
- Savard with a great fake, no look pass to Chara for the winner.
- Krejci, Lucic and Ryder line was the best on either team last night.
- Chara's bomb for the winner. No screen either. Price just looked like he went small when the big guy teed it up.

3 Stars as picked by me:

3 - Lucic - Big hits and set the tone.
2 - Kessel - 2 goals. Both on empty nets but 2 goals are 2 goals:)
1 -Chara - game winner and in no way intimidated by Laraque.

The next game is on Saturday.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Timmy Thomas!

Today, April the 15th, is Timmy Thomas' 35th Birthday!

It is also my birthday (I am a few years older than the Bruins' young goalie however).

To the left is a pic of me holding a Timmy Thomas pic that my girlfriend gave me for x-mas (Click on pic for a better veiw).

Happy Birthday Timmy! Bring us The Cup!

Monday, April 13, 2009


The Bruins split 2 meaningless games this weekend against Buffalo and NYI.

Bring on The Playoffs!!! Bring on The Habs!!! The Bruins ARE ready this year and WILL go all the way!

1st up are The Habs. These two teams this season shouldn't even be playing in the same league; Boston has been the class of the NHL all season while The Habs have been an embarrassment to their proud franchises 100 year history. The Bruins ARE the elite team in the league while The Habs would have trouble beating my nephew's pee wee team. Look for this to be a very short series. Bruins will win in 4 or 5!!!

This is their year!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bruins Domination Of The Habs Continues!

Last night The Bruins defeated The Habs 5-4 to complete the season series with a 5-0-1 record.

The single point earned by The Canadiens ensured their place in the playoffs. I would love for them to finish 8th. They are the team I want to play the most as I really, really dislike them and would love to eliminate them this year.

Hockey regular season over on Sunday. After that we will know who we are playing.

Come on playoffs!!! I am excited about this year's playoffs more than ever before - THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!

Go Bruins Go

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bruins Lose To Ottawa

Last night Boston played a game against Ottawa that meant nothing and lost 3-2.

The Bruins sat 4 regulars: Axelsson (the league's best shut down forward), Wideman (probably the 3rd or 4th best d-man in the league), Ferrence (the league's best little BIG man) and Timmy (the league's best goalie, most exciting player and also the league's best player).

The Bruins didn't care about this game and were uninterested all night. That said, how bad are the Ottawa Senators!! Really!!! Only winning 3-2 against a team not dressing a lot of regulars and not trying. The Senators are in for a long few years (looking a lot like The Leafs) if they don't tear apart this team in the off season.

Up next for the Bruins are The Habs on Thursday. Look for a full effort with all players dressed. The Bruins want to send a message in this game!!! If The Bruins win it could mean an 8th place finish for The Habs. A Bruins vs. Habs 1st round match up!! Sweet! Every Bruins' fan wants to play these bozos this year and send them packing in 4 straight.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bruins Clinch The East!!

Today The Mighty Boston Bruins defeated The Feeble New York Rangers 1-0. The 2 points mean that Boston has captured 1st place in the East and home ice through out The eastern side of the playoffs.

- Timmy Thomas stole the show today (just after signing on for 4 more years) by posting a 31 save shutout. This man is the best goalie in the game today and maybe ever!

- Wheeler scored the only goal of the game.

- Avery was an idiot as usual for The Rangers today and hurt them more than he helped them - may have cost them the playoffs - great gamble on this guy, looks good on you!

- The Bruins played a great physical game today and their defense was flawless. It was another great team effort win. No player on The Bruins puts his individuality above the team.

Next up is a team we have beaten 10,001 times in a row, The Ottawa Senators. Look for our winning streak to continue over them as I predict a 4-0 victory on Tuesday!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Timmy Signs Extension

Well this writers dream has come true! Tim Thomas today signed an unofficial 3 year extension with the Boston Bruins. The deal will pay Timmy around $5 million per year (not official numbers) which is around Martin Brodeur's current salary. I know the Timmy haters will be out in force with this one, but then as usual everything they'll say will baseless and ignorant. Yes I am calling you all ignorant, if you don't like it tell me.

So before you start comparing Thomas to Brodeur take a look at the league goalie salaries first. Brodeur is not even paid in the top five of goalies, guess what he is 10th! Of that list look who's the best, Thomas.

While my nice stats above should be enough to shut you up I know it won't. Next you will be complaining about the Bruins overall salaries and how we are going to sign Kessel and Krejci. Well we will have to dump or trade some low level guys. That's reality people, we have a cap and we have to pay our best players to keep them. Thomas is the best goalie in the league this year and top 5 the year before (4th in SV%). Many of you, due to his flop style, really can't accept his numbers. Even when the Bruins suck he doesn't, but yet you still hate. Oh and did you guys read about the safety net in his salary? Not that anyone should hope they need to use it, they do have an option later.

When a player signs a new deal after his 35th birthday, per the CBA, although he
can be bought out (at a two-thirds reduction in pay), his cap number can not be
deleted from the club's salary commitments.

Since he signed this extension prior to his 35th birthday this doesn't apply. He can be bought out and salary can be cut by 1/3 and spread out over the remaining years.

Along with giving David Krejci the Seventh Player Award the Bruins also signed free agent winger Yannick Riendeau. This 20 year old led the QMJHL this year in points with 58-68-126 totals in 64 games. In his 4 game playoff series Riendeau got 19 points in 4 games. No word at this time where he will be reporting to, but most likely to Providence for now.

Update: It is now confirmed as a 4 year $20 million deal. Average cap hit each year is $5 million.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Quick Post About Tampa Game!

- Bruins Win 3-1!
- Played as a team.
- Chara gets Gordie Howe hat trick
- Manny got the start and a much needed win:)
- Bruins have 7 twenty goal scorers - tops in the league!
- Bruins have 108 points (2nd in the league).

- Bruins are having a fantastic year and will only be better WHEN they win the cup!!!

The Bruins next opponent is their perennial whipping team, The Ottawa Senators. Bruins should win this one 6-0!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Game, Another Win!!!!

Flyers fall to The Mighty Bruins 4-3! Bruins now have 3 wins in a row! Bring on the playoffs!

Highlights from last night:

- Timmy makes amazing diving empty net save with his head!
- Lucic nets 2 goals.
- Krejci has 3 assists.
- Bruins kill a 1:52 5 on 3.
- Lucic pastes Randy Jones into the boards from behind (Bergy was smiling).
- 5'2" Ferrence beats up 6'5" Hartnell.

3 stars as picked by me:

3rd - Looch - hitting all night and nets 2.

2nd - Krejci - 3 assists and a post. He is back!!

1st - Timmy Thomas - 45 saves and one was with his head while diving.

Next The Bruins get to beat Tampa on Tuesday. Should be a slaughter; I predict 7-1.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bruins vs. Philly - Finally A Game After A Week Off!

Tonight The Bruins play Philly in their 1st real game since New Jersey last Sunday. What have The Bruins been doing with their time off? - they have been practicing real, real hard for a long playoff run and even arranged a mid-season exhibition game against Toronto, which they played and won last night 7-5.

Now on to real hockey!! The Bruins will come out hungry tonight and easily dispose of their opponents from cheese steakland. I predict a 5-1 victory with Thomas being amazing!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bruins Down Devils 4-1!

Thomas Vs. Brodeur!!!

The game yesterday featured the greatest goalie of all time against the greatest goalie right now.
Timmy, of course, came out the victor. Martin may have had a stellar career but just doesn't have it anymore to compete against the elite of the league (Timmy).

The Bruins handed The Devils their asses as they easily defeated them 4-1. It goes to show that when a game does mean something The Bruins will raise their level. Come the playoffs we will see the same domination we saw yesterday. The last couple of months were full of meaningless games and the Bruins weren't at their best but with The Devils closing in on Boston's 1st place status they showed their true colors.

Scoring for Boston were Ryder, Kobasew, Savard and Lucic.

3 stars as picked by me:

#3 - P.J. Axelsson - defensive perfection in this game.

#2 - Michael Ryder - goal and an assist

#1 - Timmy Thomas - torch was passed from Brodeur in this game.

Next up for The B's is The Toronto Maple Laughs on Saturday. The Bruins WILL win 6-0!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Update As To What Is Going On

I haven't updated lately as I have been very busy. If you know me you know that I work 60-65 hours weekly every week. On top of that we had surprise visitors come into town on the weekend - my girlfriend's sister in law with her two kids. Plus it is winter carnival here this week - it may seem strange to some to have "winter" carnival in the spring but up in this part of the world it is still the middle of winter (-30 Celsius here today which is -26 Fahrenheit for my American friends). Spring here starts in May.

Anyway on to The Bruins. They split 2 games the weekend with a win over The Islanders and a penalty filled loss to The Penguins. Last night in a game I missed (only the 3rd game I missed this season) they fell in O.T. to the Kings. Not much I can say about this as I never even caught a highlight yet but losing to a team of this caliber upsets me.

The Bruins are slowly coming around again as they are 1-1-1 in their last 3 and 2-1-1 in their last 4. Next up we get to see how The Bruins are really doing. They play New Jersey on Sunday, a team who is now on their heels for the conference lead. Finally they are playing a game that actually means something. They have been playing to many meaningless games lately and have had a hard time getting up for them. They should be up for the game against the devils and bring a true effort for a change. This game should see the Bruins at their best - if they pick it up Sunday I have no worries for the playoffs; if they don't they still have time to turn it around before the post season - no panic here yet!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bruins Play Ottawa Tough

Last night I was very happy watching the game. Not just because The Bruins won but also because how they played. The Bruins played tough! Any Ottawa player around Timmy last night recieved at least a face wash. They were hitting hard to win pucks. Ryder, yes even Ryder had a couple of good hits, Bitz was a hitting machine, Chara and Wideman were dominate physical forces, P.J. threw a couple of beauty checks and Looch had a spirited bout with veteran tough guy Chris Neil (held his own quite well). This physicality opens up the ice for their skilled speedy players to take advantage of. The Bruins have a great balance of size and toughness to go along with their skill that when they beat opponents down early their skill will win it for them after.

The Bruins won 5-3 but actually outplayed The Sens by more; the score was not reflective of The Bruins dominance for most the game. The Bruins got up 3-0 early but then took their foot of the offense for a while. The Sens clawed back by capitalizing on a few chances and The Bruins were denied on a couple of great chances. I got a bit of a scare late but The Bruins played well in the last 7 minutes to take control of the play and ice it with an empty netter late. It was a well deserved win!

My only concern was when Ottawa made it 4-3 in the 3rd period; The Bruins seemed to lose their confidence for about a 5 minute stretch and were playing nervous. They looked fragile during this point in the game but Timmy played large until The Bruins got their swagger back late and took control of the play again.

Some great things in this game but still room for some improvement. All in all a good effort and I am happy with their play last night.

Up next is a beat down of The Islanders on Saturday!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where Is Their Edge?

Last night The Bruins just went through the motions again as they fell to a pathetic Columbus team 2-0. Timmy played well for The Bruins to give then a chance but the rest of the team were very uninterested for the most part. I know it is hard to get up for games with no meaning against teams that are fighting for every possible point but The Bruins soon have to pick up their intensity as the playoffs are coming. They need to go into the post season with the swagger they had in November and December.

What bothered me most about this game, however, was not the loss but how pussy The Bruins looked playing last night. They were beat around by a much smaller and far less tough team. League crybaby, Antoine Vermette, was being an ass all night and yapping and taunting The Bruins after every play. This is the same ass who broke Ryder's face in Ottawa a few weeks ago. No one on Boston stood up to this piece of shit all night and this lack of aggressiveness is what cost us the game.

I can handle the loss but when their toughness and spirit is not there I am upset. They have to get it back soon as this sets the tone for The Bruins to open up and play their game.

* One exception: Stuart dropped the gloves in an attempt to wake up the rest of the team (it never worked but kudos to him for trying).

Up next is Ottawa on Thursday - finally a team we are guaranteed to beat!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Lets Start Playing For Real

After a split the weekend against Chicago and New York I noticed that The Bruins seem disinterested playing now. I watch other games where teams are playing for their playoff lives and the intensity and want is there. The Bruins don't have this now as they will be safely in the playoffs. It is hard for them to get up for games. I figure they will coast to the post season (probably playing .500 hockey) and then pick it up when it matters - as for now games really don't matter as much to them.

Lets get these games over with and start the playoffs - I am ready for the Bruins to play with purpose again - they WILL play with purpose in the playoffs and be dominate again!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Rock Bottom!!!!

The Bruins lost to The Coyotes!!!??? WTF!!!

Officially hit rock bottom. What happened to The team that could beat everybody? Now I would be happy if they could just beat anybody. They lost 2-1 last night to The Coyotes; a "Mickey Mouse" organization if there ever was one.

They are playing without heart (the whole team). I could break down what players are doing wrong individually but the biggest problem right now is their lack of intensity for a whole game.

The only good thing about hitting this low and playing this bad is that it can not get worse. After losing to the Coyotes last night the only place to go is up - can not get any lower or play any worse than last night.

The Bruins play Chicago on Saturday afternoon. No prediction but if they play like they did last night it could be trouble for them. However if they use last night as a wakeup call and get their emotion back The Blackhawks could be in trouble. Hopefully last night's disaster has awoken The Bear!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Trade Day Success

The Bruins came out of trade day better than they were going in!

They picked up 2 players: Mark Recchi (veteran leadership and still a productive forward on the score sheet) and Steve Montador (a hard hitting gritty defenseman).

Best of all they never had to give up any regular players to get them. They still have their 1st place team intact along with these acquisitions.

The new look Bruins play The Coyotes tomorrow night in Boston.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Trade Day

Today is the last day for trades in The NHL this season. Usually a lot of hype with little consequence. The Bruins are on a 2 game mini slide with a loss last night to Philly (4-2) and a tie Saturday against Washington (3-3).

I hope the Bruins do not panic and do to much today trade wise; they have a great team and have depth everywhere. However, one great trade for the right player could mean Lord Stanley's visit this season.

Most of the team should stay but if the right player was available the following players should be considered to get him (this is just in my humble opinion): Bergeron, Hunwick, Kessel, Sobotka, Manny and/or Rask plus draft picks. These players should only be considered if for the right player; besides that don't make the trade and everyone else should be off limits!!!

Going to be an interesting day. We have a chance at the Cup this season now let's see how the Bruins' hype as, "We want it as bad as you" lives up. Some will say don't sacrifice the future for a cup run - I say screw the future: GO FOR IT! We haven't had a Cup since 1972. The chance doesn't come often so take the leap when you can!!!

With or without any trades The Bruins are The Cup favorite this year (50% chance now) but wouldn't a player to almost guarantee the Cup (80-90%) be nice to get today?

Sorry if I am rambling but it is early andf I am excited: This could be the year and NOBODY wants it as bad as me.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Duck Hunting!!!

The Ducks are clueless; obviously they never heard the expression, "don't poke the bear". In a game similar to the Dallas game early in the season The Bruins were playing a much over matched opponent who thought that they could rough up The Bruins to get them off their game: WRONG!
The Bruins are perhaps the league's toughest team and the rougher the game is the better they play. The Bruins destroyed The Ducks (does anyone remember when these guys were good???) 6-0 last night.

Game highlights:

- Ryder with 2 goals and a helper and a threat all night.
- Cup-a-soup with 2 goals.
- Timmy with the shutout.
- Timmy with a great assist.
- Savard in kind of a fight (has great team heart).
- Thornton vs. Parros (would have liked more punches but still a true heavy weight match.
- P.J. and Krejci were flying all night (holy energy batman!).
- Savy and Looch both left the game in the 3rd with upper body soreness:(

3 stars as picked by me:

3: P.J. Axelsson - was flying and making things happen all night (great penalty kills).

2: Timmy - shutout on 35 shots and a beauty of an assist.

1: Michael Ryder: 2 goals and an assist. Bruins 2 and 0 since his return (he has 5 points in these 2 games!!!)

***Extra game note: I love Looch but he has to stop hitting people in a fight after they are down!
If he is going to fight, which he will, he is going to have to learn to abide by the unwritten rules. He continued to pummel Brown last night after the fight hit the ice. He did the same thing to Matthew Spiller last season in a fight. He has to stop this! This is what makes fighting look bad and gives the bozos trying to get fighting out of game something to look at.
I love Looch and want him to fight but when it is over he has to stop!

The Bruins next play Washington in a Saturday afternoon contest. My prediction is Boston 5 - Washington 1.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ryder Is Back And The Bruins Win!!!

The Boston Bruins destroyed The Florida Panthers 6-1 last night in Beantown. It was Michael Ryders 1st game back since smashing his face against Ottawa 7 games ago. Ryder inspired The Bruins to play their best game since he was injured. His presence gave The Bruins confidence and they played exceptional in his return.

Game hilites:

- Ryder returns!!!!
- Bitz had 2 goals (only had 1 career goal before this game)
- The fans chanting for Bitz in the last minute (gave me goose bumps)
- Ryder earns assist in 1st period
- Ryder scores goal in 3rd period
- Bergy steals the puck from the overrated Bouwmeester in the 1st minute to score
- P.J's hit on Zednik (lifted him straight up off his feet)
- Chuck Kobasew was in a fight (awesome to see!!!)

The games 3 stars as picked by me:

3 - Timmy Thomas - spectacular saves in the second period to keep the lead.

2 - Michael Ryder - Goal and an assist in his return.

1 - Byron Bitz - 2 goals and had the fans at the loudest I heard this season.

The Bruins now host The Mighty Ducks on Thursday (do they still have Goldberg in nets?). I predict a 5-0 Bruins win.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ryder Is Playing Tonight - Bruins WILL Win!!!

Ryder Is Back!!!
Bad News For Florida!
Ryder WILL Dominate Tonight!!!

G0 Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Losses In Florida This Weekend!

EMBARRASSING!!!!! Losses to two shitty teams in Florida in two nights! Inexcusable!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bruins Are First To 40 Wins!!!

THE BOSTON BRUINS defeated The Carolina Hurricanes last night 5-1 to remain at the top of the standings as the league's greatest team. The win was Boston's 40th of the season and they still have 24 games left to play. Last year The Bruins had a descent showing and only had 41 wins on the entire season - that's how good they are this season!!!

Game hilites from last night:

- The Hurricanes retire some average player's jersey before the game (yawn!!!!)
- The Bruins scored 2 powerplay goals.
- The Bruins scored 2 shorthanded goals.
- Bergy scored for the 1st time in 3 months (I hope he shows Kessel where the net is).
- Timmy was our best player ....... again (of course).

3 stars as picked by me:

3 - Yelle - worked like a dog all night.
2 - Wideman - Our best defenceman this season.
1 - Timmy - His play speaks for itself.

The Michael Ryder Factor:
- Since Ryder went out injured the Bruins have been struggling just a little bit. However he finally practiced with the team on Monday and is traveling with them. He is that good that all he needs to do is be around the Bruins and they play this much better - wait until he returns to playing - they may never lose again!!!

The Bruins are now off until the weekend when they take on Both Florida teams on Saturday and Sunday. These two games are a joke and they will have 42 wins come Sunday night.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bruins lose to Devils 1-0.

I got called into work and missed most of this game except for the last 5 minutes.

From the hilites I saw and what I read The Bruins outplayed The Devils by out shooting them 31-18. The Devils scored the only goal of the game on a fluky bouncing puck that just fooled Timmy (lucky break) and Clemmensen played well for The Devils making some key huge saves.

This was a game The Bruins deserved to win but never - hey that's sports, it happens sometimes.

The key to the Bruins now is to see if they can forget the last couple of games and start winning again. Every team loses games but the great ones bounce back right away.

I still think the Bruins are the class of the league and will get back to their winning ways tonight against Nashville.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boston vs. New Jersey

Friday night The Boston Bruins take on The Devils to prove their dominance as the league's #1 team!

Here are a few thoughts I have going into this game:

- First a question for all you fans out there that own season tickets to the Devils : Why??

- I just heard Kevin Federline's new song and for those that didn't, it's kind of hard to explain. It's like a mix between Vanilla Ice and the worst train wreck you can imagine. But still, it was better than the Devils.

- You know what's the worst thing about playing with The Devils for a home game? You still have to stay in New Jersey after the game.

-The Bruins are going to score more often than Mick Jagger did during a world tour in the early 1970s.

My prediction for this game is:
Bruins - 6
Devils - 0

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bruins Fail to Show Up Against The Sharks For The 3rd Period

The Bruins Played a strong 2 periods last night to take a 2-1 lead into the 3rd over The Sharks but then coasted in the 3rd and ended up losing 5-2.

I have been reading a lot of sites, articles and blogs about The Bruins lately and there is one common theme that is starting to really piss me off!!! People (mainly Bruins Fans) are starting to say how poorly Boston is playing lately and how or what they should do to play better.
WHAT THE HELL DO THESE FANS EXPECT?!!! The loss last night was The Bruins 1st regulation defeat in their last 10 games (the best in the NHL over that period!!!) We finally have the best team in the league and a reason to cheer this season and fans still don't - WHY NOT???!!!
I am asking everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy this season because something special is happening here that we as Bruins fans should really be enjoying. They are having a historic season and I still have to read all the whining shit that I did over the past few seasons when they were losing.

If you really are a Bruins fan you should be cheering this season and their play not bitching about little things!

Sorry not much of a game update but this really bothers me.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Lucky It Was Only Ottawa

The Bruins were outplayed, uninterested, tired and looked like crap in last night's game but somehow still managed to skate away with the two points. Thankfully it was only Ottawa they were playing. There is only a handful of teams in the league (Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto) where Boston could have played this poorly and still have won.

Game notes:

- Chara's big shot for a goal.
- Bergy should not be on the point on the powerplay (scary back there at times).
- P.J. scores shootout winner!
- Bruins blow a 2-0 lead and have to scrounge to come back (lucky).
- Thomas made another "save of the year" in overtime on Fisher.
- Thomas was superb in the Shootout!!!
- Looch missed the game with a possible broken foot.

Micheal Ryder had to leave the game and not return after Antoine (is this really a man's name?) Vermette struck him hard in the face with his stick. We have to get this dirt out of the game!! I am personally calling on Shawn Thornton to make sure Antoine gets served with justice the next time these two teams play. We can not have one of the NHL's top players being abused by these nobody's any longer! Ryder has numerous stitches in his face along the nose and eye (very dangerous play) but, thankfully, should not miss anymore time.

The Bruins next victim is Philly on Saturday afternoon.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Today marks the day that the Bruins could lose out and still finish at 500.... with 30 games remaining.

Another 5-10 wins out of the next 30 should assure them a playoff spot.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Boston's Dominates Montreal Again!

3-1 Boston!!!!

Games notes:

- Thornton set the tone by fighting the big goon Montreal called up to intimidate them in his 1st shift.
- Montreal wore the worst uniforms in the history of hockey.
- Thomas great once again.
- Yelle, and P.J. continuing to do all the little things.
- Won as a team - played their system perfectly.
- Habs suck!!!!

3 stars as picked by me:

3rd star - Marc Savard - always plays great and did again today.
2nd star - Shawn Thrnton - big fight to set the tone and scored the game winner.
1st star - Timmy Thomas - The best goalie in the league by far.

Boston are now leading the league with 80 points with no signs of slowing down.

Their next victim is Philly on Wednesday.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Super Sunday! Rydermania Is Running Wild!!!

February 1st 2009. The Cardinals are playing The Steelers in the Superbowl today and no one really cares.

The real sports story today is in the NHL with The Bruins and Canadiens playing this afternoon. It is Michael Ryder's last game this season in Montreal against the team that said he wasn't good enough last season. Ryder is on fire for The Bruins and has a lot to prove to them today.

My only question is to Montreal is, "What cha gonna do when Rydermania runs wild over you!!!" ?

Rask Shutsout Rangers!

The Bruins disposed of The Rangers 1-0 in an afternoon contest yesterday.

Marc Savard had the lone tally on a beautiful deflection in the last minute of the 2nd period. However, the story of this game was the Bruins' goaltending from AHL call up Tuukka Rask. It was his first start of this season and only the second of his career. Rask got his 1st NHL shutout as he easily turned away 35 shots and out dueled Ranger goalie, Lundqvist (overrated).

Speculation as to why Rask played is as much a story as his play itself. Some reasons that are being said are:

- to rest Timmy as Manny is hurt.
- to give him NHL playing time for his development.
- either Manny or Timmy could be traded by the deadline and need to see how good he is.
- Rask may be trade bait himself.

Either way for right now it doesn't matter why he played only that he played and played well for the win.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Timmy And Krejci Step Up In O.T. As Bruins Down Caps 3-2!

Yesterday a co-worker asked me who the Bruins were playing last night and when I told him Washington he replied, "looks like a loss. They have Boston's number this season".
I said, "What! Your nuts! Losing two games 2-1 on the road with half the team missing is not someone having your number!" I was right!

The Bruins showed heart last night coming back twice to win 3-2 in overtime.

Hilites from last night's game were:

- Bergy, Ferret and Looch all returned.
- Bitz stepped up and fought Caps goon, Brashear.
- Bergy making a head first diving play on the puck to set up the tying goal.
- Thornton's goal (WOW!) - our fighter can actually play hockey as well.
- Timmy! 34 saves - 1 HUGE robbery in overtime!

What makes this win even more amazing is that they did it with out the services of, super sniper, Michael Ryder as he is stricken with some kind of virus (get well soon Newf.).

Three stars as picked by me are:

3. Krazy Krejci - O.T. winner and a threat all night.
2. Bergy - looked better than he did before the injury. Great diving play.
1. Timmy - was the reason we won this game!

The Bruins next game is against New Jersey on Thursday. This should be an easier win than last night's was.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Savy, Big Z, Timmah and Smoked Meat

Well I watched the All-Star Game for some odd reason, and I actually wasn't disappointed! I know it might be shocking to hear but I actually enjoyed watching the game. I caught the skills competition on and both Timmah and Chara did great. Timmah was by far the best goalie in the Elimination Shoot-out and Savard finished second:

and Chara set the record for the Hardest Shot:
In the Young Guns game Bruins rookie Blake Wheeler lit up with 3 goals and 2 assists on his way to a Freshmen win and MVP of the game! All these great Bruins achievements and we haven't talked about the big game itself.

had a monster game and threw pass after pass at his talented linemates. Making them look effortless, the passes were quick and crisp as he got 3 assists in total and many great missed chances as well. Chara had a mediocre game making a few good blocks and 2 giveaways that lead to break away goals. More than anything he looked kind of bored (nothing unusual in a game like this). The best Bruins highlights came in the 3rd period as the great Timmah Thomas entered the game. Timmah let in 2 quick ones before even getting warmed up but settled down and let only one late one in. With the game tied they went to overtime where Timmah and the East had to kill of the games only penalty. Scoreless it went to a shootout where Timmah shut the West down. Timmah kept all his best saves for the overtime and shootout where he made the most saves (19 of 22) of all the goaltenders and got the win to boot!

Really nice story on on Timmah as well. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bruins Fall Apart Against Blues; Then Rally To Beat Leafs!

On Monday I was PISSED! I couldn't even do a post game write up.

- The Bruins lost to The Blues
- They let a 4-2 lead go in the last minute and a half
- The game tying goal was scored with less than a second left
- The game tying goal was scored with a high stick
- I missed the game because of work - it was some kind of holiday or something in America that we don't get in Canada.

Today I am HAPPY!

- Bruins beat The Leafs.
- Rally from 3-1 down in the 3rd to get the win.
- Thomas still amazes and surprises me (what will he do next)
- The little guy with the big stick made me look bad; I was just cursing him out about his play this game to my girlfriend when he goes and scores in the Shootout.

The Bruins now get a 6 day break (all except a few who are going to Montreal for the biggest farce in hockey) and are currently sitting tied for 1st in the league.

I might even watch 5 minutes of the all-star game on Sunday - Ha Ha!! not a chance! Time to get rid of this joke for good.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bruins Lose To Caps

Not much time so I'll be quick.

- Bruins lost 2-1.
- Timmy was great.
- No offensive flow to this game for the Bruins.
- Caps were no better but got an extra break.

Bruins will rebound Monday and handily defeat The Blues.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

First To Reach 70!

The Bruins became the 1st team in the league to reach 70 points this season with their 2-1 win over the Islanders last night. No other team in the East has reached 60 points yet! Only 2 teams in the West (Sharks and Detroit) have over 60 points and thanks to Calgary beating The Sharks last night The Bruins are back in 1st place for the whole league.

Game hilites from last night are:

- Savard's goal (great patience)
- P.J. playing excellent in both ends
- Thornton's work effort
- Timmy Thomas all night long (best player once again!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Thomas and Chara Show!

Last night The Bruins beat The Hated Habs 3-1 to improve their season series record to 3-0-1!

This was a HUGE win for The B's as it put more space in the standings between them and Les Canadiens. They were also able to win with a very depleted lineup; Looch, Phil the Thrill, Bergy, Ference, Sturm and Manny were all out. These are 7 great players for the B's, not just role players out.

The Habs came out fast and furious in the 1st period as they outplayed the Bruins for most of it but The Bruins held ground with strong defensive play and some key saves from Timmy. The second period was better for The Bruins as they (Chara) scored twice to Montreal's once. The third period was even as both teams had some great chances - Timmy stole the game with 4 unbelievable saves when the score was still 2-1. Krejci then rounded out the scoring with a late goal (assisted by Ryder) to ice the game.

The Bruins played a complete team game tonight.

Hilites of the game were:

- Chara's 2 goals.
- Krejci, Wheeler and Ryder looking amazing on every shift.
- P.J. a force on the P.K. and also with some good offence moments.
- Timmy flattening Andrei Kostitsyn after his cheap shot on Ward.
- Timmy's great saves (a hilite reel from tonites game alone).
- Ryder's assist (I am loving this free agent pick up).

The Bruins next victim is The Islanders on Thursday.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bruins-5, Canes-1

Ryder tallied twice as The Bruins easily defeated the Hurricanes 5-1 in a matinée this afternoon.
Ryder now has more goals and more points than any of the sorry losers on his old team has this season. Great pick up by The Bruins!

Krejci, Yelle and Stuart also found the net this afternoon.

Timmy was fantastic between the pipes in gaining the victory.

The Bruins next opponent is The Habs on Tuesday (look for a HUGE game from Ryder) and then the Islanders on Thursday - 4 points that they should get this week!

Go Bruins Go!!!

Back To Posts After Todays Game

- Thursday night the boys beat Ottawa after an unexpected lengthy losing streak. They are back on top!

- Chara, Savard and Timmy going to The All-Star game.

- We play The Canes This Afteernoon.

- Looch out with something hurt????

- Sorry i have hadn't posted in a couple days but I was busy buying a new car, a truck, looking for a bigger house to buy (no luck yet with the house but will continue to seek), and I work 60 hours a week. I will be back to regular posting after todays game.

Go Brtuins Go!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Your favorite coach?

Well he is quickly becoming my favorite coach since Mike Milbury. If Claude is not your favorite coach in sometime, maybe you have not read this from todays globe

"The blue-collar approach to this team is what the fans in Boston love," Julien says. "I feel as comfortable here as I've ever felt anywhere. This is a perfect environment for me because a lot of what the fans expect here is a lot of what I want out of our hockey team. It was a good fit for me and the Bruins."

I for one like a sports celebrity that much more if they seem to love the area as much as we do!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


In his previous post I feel Jimbuff is a little quick to dismiss these pesky Sabres, than I am willing to allow. While the Bruins are clearly a better team, 23 (!) games above 500, to the Sab's 4 games over, what he fails to mention is that yesterdays win put them into the 8th seed and if the playoffs started today...yup you guessed it, the Bruins would play them. Every now and again a good team will have a lesser team that just matches up well and gives them fits. I would not enjoy a playoff series that started today against these Sabres. It would worry me.

I have also been worried about the holes created by the loss of Sturm, Bergy and Ference for long periods.... they have been getting by but, a loss like yesterdays reminds me that this team misses these guys.

Bruins Lose??

Yesterday the Bruins forgot to show up for their game against The Sabres. They fell 4-2 and ended a 10 game winning streak. It was a poor effort all around with only a few glimpses of good hockey from our team. The Sabres desevered to win and did. It just goes to show that in this league you can not afford to take teams for granted and have to give it a full effort every game in order to win.

Look for a better effort against The Wild on Tuesday. There is no need to panic over one loss - this will act as a reality check or wake up call to get The Bruins even more motivated and ready to play every game.

Go Bruins Go!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

The AXE Falls On The Pens!

In The Bruins vs. Penguins rematch last night the team from Pittsburgh came out and played 1000% better than they did 2 nights before. However, as good as they did play, they still weren't good enough to beat The Juggernaut called The Boston Bruins! The Bruins disposed of then once again. This time the score was 4-2.

P.J. was on his game as he recorded an assist and a great bat the puck out of midair goal. He is phenomenal! P.J. is the true team player; he will and can play in any role he is asked to with no questions asked. He works hard every shift and gives his all every second he is playing. He is a great example for all the young players on this team to follow.

Manny made some key saves when called upon and is making a strong case as being the league's second best goalie. We have no problem between the pipes on this team as Timmy and Manny are both elite goalies.

Saturday The Bruins play the Sabres in what should be another fairly easy 2 points.

Go Bruins Go!!!
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