Friday, February 06, 2009

Lucky It Was Only Ottawa

The Bruins were outplayed, uninterested, tired and looked like crap in last night's game but somehow still managed to skate away with the two points. Thankfully it was only Ottawa they were playing. There is only a handful of teams in the league (Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto) where Boston could have played this poorly and still have won.

Game notes:

- Chara's big shot for a goal.
- Bergy should not be on the point on the powerplay (scary back there at times).
- P.J. scores shootout winner!
- Bruins blow a 2-0 lead and have to scrounge to come back (lucky).
- Thomas made another "save of the year" in overtime on Fisher.
- Thomas was superb in the Shootout!!!
- Looch missed the game with a possible broken foot.

Micheal Ryder had to leave the game and not return after Antoine (is this really a man's name?) Vermette struck him hard in the face with his stick. We have to get this dirt out of the game!! I am personally calling on Shawn Thornton to make sure Antoine gets served with justice the next time these two teams play. We can not have one of the NHL's top players being abused by these nobody's any longer! Ryder has numerous stitches in his face along the nose and eye (very dangerous play) but, thankfully, should not miss anymore time.

The Bruins next victim is Philly on Saturday afternoon.

Go Bruins Go!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi nebby

11:27 p.m., February 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am ok with some peaks and valleys. just as long as they're looking good at the push!

1:08 a.m., February 10, 2009  

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