Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bruins Fall Apart Against Blues; Then Rally To Beat Leafs!

On Monday I was PISSED! I couldn't even do a post game write up.

- The Bruins lost to The Blues
- They let a 4-2 lead go in the last minute and a half
- The game tying goal was scored with less than a second left
- The game tying goal was scored with a high stick
- I missed the game because of work - it was some kind of holiday or something in America that we don't get in Canada.

Today I am HAPPY!

- Bruins beat The Leafs.
- Rally from 3-1 down in the 3rd to get the win.
- Thomas still amazes and surprises me (what will he do next)
- The little guy with the big stick made me look bad; I was just cursing him out about his play this game to my girlfriend when he goes and scores in the Shootout.

The Bruins now get a 6 day break (all except a few who are going to Montreal for the biggest farce in hockey) and are currently sitting tied for 1st in the league.

I might even watch 5 minutes of the all-star game on Sunday - Ha Ha!! not a chance! Time to get rid of this joke for good.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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