Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bruins Clinch The East!!

Today The Mighty Boston Bruins defeated The Feeble New York Rangers 1-0. The 2 points mean that Boston has captured 1st place in the East and home ice through out The eastern side of the playoffs.

- Timmy Thomas stole the show today (just after signing on for 4 more years) by posting a 31 save shutout. This man is the best goalie in the game today and maybe ever!

- Wheeler scored the only goal of the game.

- Avery was an idiot as usual for The Rangers today and hurt them more than he helped them - may have cost them the playoffs - great gamble on this guy, looks good on you!

- The Bruins played a great physical game today and their defense was flawless. It was another great team effort win. No player on The Bruins puts his individuality above the team.

Next up is a team we have beaten 10,001 times in a row, The Ottawa Senators. Look for our winning streak to continue over them as I predict a 4-0 victory on Tuesday!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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