Friday, October 30, 2009

The Bruins Need Their Edge Back!

The Bruins split their last 2 games against Ottawa and New Jersey. Against Ottawa The B's walked away with 2 points that they did not deserve thanks to a late charge featuring 2 goals in the last minute and a half and Bergy potting the penalty shot competition winner. Last night The Bruins played better and deserved to win but came away with nothing as they gave up a late goal to fall 2-1.

Lately The Bruins have no intensity. They are not playing with their edge anymore. I know losing Looch to injury is a big reason for this but they still need to have some grit. Their toughness is invisible. In my opinion (this is just my opinion - not everyone will agree) I think that Chara should show he is our captain and leader and seen a message. I want him pound someone early next game to send the message that they are to be feared and respected. Then I would love to see Thornton follow up Chara's fight with one of his own. If they get their emotions going early and send a message I think that they will play more intense!

The Bruins next game is an afternoon affair against Edmonton. I hope they bring it!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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