Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boston vs. New Jersey

Friday night The Boston Bruins take on The Devils to prove their dominance as the league's #1 team!

Here are a few thoughts I have going into this game:

- First a question for all you fans out there that own season tickets to the Devils : Why??

- I just heard Kevin Federline's new song and for those that didn't, it's kind of hard to explain. It's like a mix between Vanilla Ice and the worst train wreck you can imagine. But still, it was better than the Devils.

- You know what's the worst thing about playing with The Devils for a home game? You still have to stay in New Jersey after the game.

-The Bruins are going to score more often than Mick Jagger did during a world tour in the early 1970s.

My prediction for this game is:
Bruins - 6
Devils - 0

Go Bruins Go!!!


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