Sunday, October 04, 2009

BRUINS WIN 7-2 !!!

Last night The B's destroyed the team that eliminated them from last years playoffs, The Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins won the game 7-2 and dominated totally between the opening and closing buzzers! They not only dominated on the score card but also physically; they out hit and handily out fought their overwhelmed foes last night (Lucic, Chara and Thornton are monsters!).

Going into the season hockey writers were wondering who would replace Kessel's goals. I thought that they never had to be replaced. Who cares about replacing them when everyone can score; why put all the eggs in one basket? Last night The Bruins had 7 goals by 7 different goal scorers and if you look at their line up you will see that all their players can score with a very strong possibility of all the players on the 1st three lines netting over 20 goals each (can any other team in the league right now make that claim?? - NO!).

Scoring for the Bruins last night were: Savard, Ryder, Wheeler, Sturm, Wideman, Thornton and Hunwick. Sturm, Savard, Ryder, Begin and Morris each had multiple point nights.

Thomas looked good last night and had a couple of "only Thomas could have made that save" saves.

The 3 stars as picked by me were:

3rd - Ryder
2nd - Savard
1st - Sturm - welcome back!!!!

The Bruins next game is Thursday Oct 8th against The Ducks.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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