Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bruins Week In Review

The Olympics ended (YAY CANADA EH!!!) and The Bruins started again this week.

- On Tuesday The B's lost a stinker to The Habs 4-1.
- On Wednesday (trade deadline) The Bruins got rid of Bitz and Morris and gained Dennis Seidenberg - a slight upgrade.
- On Wednesday Timmy returned between the pipes and was the sole reason for a 3-2 shootout win over Toronto.

By now everybody knows that The Bruins are having problems scoring goals. There seems to be some panic with some of the fans over this. Instead of panicking I am looking at the positive: The Bruins don't need to be in the highest scoring teams to win! All they have to do is out score their opponents in any given game - if they are not scoring much all they have to do is be scored on less. It doesn't matter the number of goals scored as long as it is more than your opponent scores. The Bruins strength is defense and goaltending so focusing on letting in less goals should come easily. If they accomplish this they will won't need to score many goals to win - problem solved! Maybe someone will pick up goal scoring or they acquire a goal scorer in the off season but until then The Bruins will have to rely on defense and goaltending to win and they have tools to do this.

Today The Bruins play The Islanders in an afternoon game. I predict a 3-1 victory.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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