Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bruins Rake Up The Leafs

Last nite in TO the mighty Bruins disposed of the hapless Leafs 3 - 1.
I am in a hurry so I will just give a quick run down of the game hilites:

- The first 7 minutes of the game were the best 7 minutes the Bruins have played in 30 years.
- After the Bruins scored the 1st goal they relaxed and took 3 consecutive shifts off.
- Thomas was beaten on a shot by O'Neil but Chara came to the goal line rescue with his size 74 and 1/2 skate.
- Mara stuck up for his team mates and fought Darcy Tucker (good job).
- Thomas played excellent all game.
- Raycroft let in a "softie" on Savards shot for the Bruins second goal.
- Thomas should have had the shut out. First, before The Leafs got the puck back to the point there was a slew foot on TO not called. Next, on the rebound when the puck was in the air, Chara got caught with his eyes following the puck instead of picking up a man - this allowed Sundin to sneak in and tap it into the 6 x 4.
- All in all it was a great effort by the Bruins and a well deserved win.
- Game standouts were: Thomas (#1 star by a mile), Darcy Tucker(never takes a shift off and plays to win), Brad Boyes (finally found his legs) and for 80% of the game Chara.

Sometime tomorrow I will give my Bruins Quarterly report.

Go Bruins !!!



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