Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bruins win in Shootout!!!

The Bruins defeated the flightless ones last nite in a shootout after a 3-3 played game plus overtime. Here are some observations from this game:
- Finley starts but only plays one period because of injury.
- A hurting Thomas comes into the game cold and plays wicked.
- Savard played awesome. - Our best player by far this season!
- Chara made a couple of great plays but for most the nite he looked like Hal again.
- Bruins blew another two goal lead but still got the win in the end. When are they going to hold onto a lead or actually win a game by a few goals.
- Crosby never played for the Pens.
- Besides Savard and Thomas, Malkin for the Pens was the best player on the ice. This guy was flying!
- Gonchar (ex-bruin) was the best D-Man on the ice for either team.
- Bruins Defensive coverage wasn't great but better than it was at start of season (still room for improvement).
- Forechecking was very good. PJ and Donovan stood out in this regard.
- All in all it was a good game and a deserved win but the Bruins still gave away one point in a game where they shouldn't have.
- Next game is Friday afternoon against Carolina.
Go Bruins !!!!



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