Thursday, November 16, 2006

"No Thanks..."

The Bruins downed the Capitals in a shootout last nite after a 2-2 played game.
I had an indoor soccer game last nite so I only caught the 1st period and the shootout. In the first period Murray fed Kessel with a beautiful breakaway pass and Phil"the Thrill" finished the play with veteran like hands. Later in the period Brad Stuart scored his first goal of the season to give Boston a 2-0 lead. I was jumping up shouting "BOOF BABY, IT"S OVER and THANKS FOR THE PRACTICE" when 30 seconds later something else entered my head, "How are we going to blow this one?" I did not want these thoughts there and generally I am more of a cocky person than a negative one. I guess they entered my brain because the the number of 2 goal leads the Bruins have seemed to have blown in the last couple of seasons.
No sooner than that the B's have a powerplay and thanks to a "brilliant" play by a defenceman (you know who so I will be easy on him) the Caps scored shorthanded to make it a 1 goal game.
I head off to soccer (we tied 2-2) and when I returned I was expecting to see hilites of a Washington win. However, much to my surprise, the game was in a shootout - I still wasn't confident because of Boston's poor shootout record. Next came the "Target Taxi Turning Point". OV went in and pulled about 5000 moves in a 3 foot space but "The Trapper" stayed with him for all of them and shut the door. Bergy then went in cool as as cucumber and 5 holed it for the winner. Bruins win 2 in a row and are wicked!
However, in both of these games, the Bruins were in control and playing well with a 2 goal lead when they decided to give the games away. Luckily for us The Sens and The Caps looked across the ice at our team and said, "No Thanks you guys need the points more than we do".
On the brightside of all of this: wins are wins no matter how ugly they are - these are two games we won that probably would have been lost last year or earlier this season given the same circumstances (improvement there but when you get a team down on the canvass don't let them up).
Tonite the Bruins play The Leafs. The Leafs have less talent but seem to have the B's number. Let's hope these two wins give us some momentum and we carry it over tonite and beat a team we should beat.

Go Bruins !!!!

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