Saturday, December 02, 2006

3a vs 3b

If you read around the public opinion forums, you will hear a lot of people crying about Primeau and co. playing more than Kessel and co. Well maybe tonights game is and answer to why in wins lately you have not seen much of Kessel. In wins when the coach does not need his offense he is too tenative to use.
Tonight Kessel -3 in a little over 11 minutes. Primeau +1 in similar amounts of ice. In this game the coach needed Kessel's scoring but his defense surely did not help.
Kessel shows promise but until he learns to use his legs to bump into some bodies he is 97 Joe Thornton little lite. He needs a little Kenny Linseman, a little Randy Buridge, a little Don Sweeny. A little guy like him needs to roll around the ice like a bowling ball looking for pins. This will keep him on the ice and get him some goals. Instead we see a tentative player who shys away from contact.
Surely his game will come, give him a black eye, get em a bloody nose, teach him he can survive in the trees, until then look for Primeau and co. to get the ice, especially when the good guys are winning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I very much agree.

As for tonight's game, the way I look at the loss is this: it was like our B's had been transported through time into next season to play Dave Lewis' 07-08 Bruins.

12:05 a.m., December 03, 2006  

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