Friday, July 04, 2008

The Murray situation

I gather many people want to see Murray cut. I do not believe this will happen. It could.... but the guess here is that they start out training camp with him and if it looks like he might be capable of putting in 30 goals again he is worth his 4+cap hit. This is confirmed by the Ryder signing. Signing Ryder also at 4 mil is saying the possibility of 30 goals is worth this amount. If you only look as last year as a sample you would be saying that both the Murray and Ryder money is wasted. The spending on these two is for the possibility of goals. If Muzz does not produce early he will be sent to Providence/waived. Where there is no cap hit and you are at least not throwing money away. Sure you are overpaying a guy by about a factor of 10 to play in the minors, but you are not paying for him to sit on his couch either. Unless I a forgetting some rule about veterans and being sent down (anyone?)



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