Monday, September 24, 2007

Bruins Beaten By Habs

Egad, Ugg and FU**!! I hate it when we lose but I hate it 10 times more when we lose to these bozos from La Belle Province. Montreal downed Boston 4-3 yesterday and put me in a foul mood all nite - hence the waiting for today to mention it.

Game hilites:

- Thomas Plekanic had a hat trick (yes you read that right, Thomas Plekanic had a hat trick)
- Manny Fernandez played the entire 60 minutes and looked shaky at best (I hope he smartens up before the Regular season b/c his pre-season has not looked good).
- Montreal won so I will end the hilites here.

I need the real season to start soon - all this exhibition play is bullsh**!!

Lets get this season started and over with so we can enjoy being 2007/2008 Stanley Cup Champions!!!



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