Sunday, July 01, 2007

state of.....

hello hubbards,

to those of you who enjoy reading my take on alls things black and faux gold, sorry for the lack of posting and commenting. for those of you who really hate my thoughts im very very sorry i have not been posting or commenting much. its summa! i got a puppy! i don't think there has been much to say! whatever reason you like, but ill be back when it counts.... you can count on it. speaking of faux gold can we agree it is now time to call them the black and brass?

so the reports have us getting another manny in town. this move i do not mind. let tim and manny battle it out, or split the time if there is no clear winner. let hannu and rask battle or split in providence see you guys in two or three seasons. moog and lemelin made splitting it work...thomas and fernandes can too. the point is a strong back up pushing the other guy on both clubs can only be a good thing. that said we will probably see one of these 4 shipped out of town eventually so do not get attached to any one of them (sigh).

the new coach- please o please, for the love of dogs, let the reason he got fired in nj be that he wanted to play a little offense (sigh). secondly peter c give the guy a chance (roll eyes). a coach is going to need more than one season. we need some continuity. you want guys to fight for the spoked b, you want fans to be behind them, give us a freaking chance to get to know some of these guys, we will teach them what we expect (anyone else notice the other manny diggen
down the first baseline more than not lately?). lastly i read that claude will not tolerate his system being played incorrectly, this is a positive(woo hoo), that we did not see last year from the coaching staff. i hope its true(roll eyes).

draft- who knows....they are just kids talk to me in 2-4 years (sigh).

free agency- would still love to see a snarling wing... actually i have said before, get drury if you can, but that doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar...(sigh again)

on the good news front, this team was able to put together a nice little run in the middle of the season last year (roll eyes). this year, with two goaltenders they believe in, a system that is enforced, a nucleus that is a year older and has some familiarity and a deeper (marginally, sigh) d crew, there is reason to believe they could string several more runs like last seasons this season.

oh, and treebob, thanks for holding the fort that last month!

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