Friday, June 15, 2007

canned lewis

well the discussion about when dave lewis gets fired can end... he and habscheid are being moved to new roles. houda will remain. the globe is rumoring that pat quinn is a possible replacement. i think if you do not think lewis is your man the timing is good. personally i think this was a poor hire and my first real disappointment in the pc era. he should have found a coach he could commit some time too.

so... who do you hire?



Blogger Sean Zandberg said...

Aha!!! I'll be the 'I told you so guy here!'

that was a smart move by Chiarelli.

7:53 p.m., June 15, 2007  
Blogger Russ said...


10:19 p.m., June 15, 2007  
Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

I think it totally sucks and I may have lost all respect for PC. I had hoped above all else that the new management would treat people with more respect. Given that PC had an agreement with Lewis before he was hired that he'd be given a full chance, and that he publically stated at the end of the season that Lewis would be given this chance, I can only come to one of three possible conclusions:

1. PC is a weasel
2. Ownership forced the change
3. PC already has a very exceptional, cup-proven coach lined up for the job and it was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Let's hope it's No. 3.

12:10 a.m., June 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great move. If Playfair and Julien were not good enough; there's no reason to believe that Lewis was.

7:55 a.m., June 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's sum up Lewis' achievements for the year. Lewis was a defensive minded coach. Their offense suffered under him, which is often acceptable if the defense shows tremendous improvement. It didn't. Not only that, the team fell apart late in the year which meant that they were getting worse, not better. You'd like to give a new coach at least two years, but this move was definitely warranted. It's just a shame they didn't do this as soon as their season ended and NOT one week before the draft.

10:42 a.m., June 17, 2007  
Blogger President of Bruins Nation said...

I would really like to see Ted Donato take over. I know he doesn't have the experience being only a coach at Harvard, but he has done very well over there.

Harvard has had trouble getting good hockey hockey players who are also genius's. The fact that Donato can make Harvard a good team year after year is incredible.

One thing though is that Donato might not even take the job if it's offered. He is on record as saying that coaching at Harvard is his dream job.

12:11 p.m., June 17, 2007  
Blogger Russ said...

If the B's hired Donato as a coach, even *I* would struggle to put a good spin on that. There's no way PC, after being told by JJ to "get it right this time", would hire Donato, even if KPD has tried to stir that pot.

10:27 p.m., June 17, 2007  
Blogger Doobie said...

I think the new NHL demands a new way of thinking. Falling back to a familiar face from the recent past is an easy answer but not what the Bruins need.

6:22 a.m., June 18, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

Rumour is, John Paddock will be our new head coach. That is what the little birdies are saying.

7:15 a.m., June 18, 2007  

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