Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Now What!!!???

These are the bleakest days, of the bleakest month, of the bleakenest season of my hockey discontent. What o what do we think about, blog about, scratch down on paper or call our hockey buds about? What? The new coach is in place. No one knows if he will turn another new set of helmets into something to really route for. The new coaching staff is in place (yawn). The new free agents are signed (O-boy?). The returning free agents are signed (not typical). The goaltending seems to be poised to be a mature tandem with some expectations of being reliable (boring!). The forwards well you can draw up lines all day but there do not seem to be many surprises coming from these 12-14. Defense? Also mostly the same. Anyone really care to discuss Z’s partner; should it be Ward? Or maybe Alberts is Z’s partner. OH! Who cares when they have sweat on their brow while typing! Rehashing last season, were all set with that right? How hurt was Bergeron (he better have been)? Pj is back on the third line (not as big a deal as people made it out to be)? Now what! I hate August Seventh.......

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Blogger jimbuff said...

My thoughts exactly - let's get the season started already!

12:27 p.m., August 07, 2007  

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