Thursday, January 01, 2009


The Bruins play Pittsburgh tonight in a return match up from Tuesday when Boston easily handed them their asses in a 5-2 whooping. Tonight The Bruins are playing them at home and should be able to beat them by even more than they did on Tuesday.

The Penguins were in The Cup Final last season and were actually quite good but this season they are just an average team while The Bruins are the best of the best. The Bruins of this year are so good this season that they would easily beat The Penguins team from last season (it would be a joke). There is a big gap from the Bruins this season and the pack of teams that are battling to be called 2nd best. The Penguins are not even good enough this year to be in the chasing pack.

Look for this to be a blowout with Ryder and Savard having HUGE games.

My prediction: Boston 6 - Pittsburgh 1.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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