Saturday, December 13, 2008

Atlanta Plays Boston Tough In Game One Of Home And Home.

I was very impressed and very surprised with Atlanta in game one of their home and home with Boston. Not because of their hockey ability (hell we easily beat them 7-3) but rather their toughness and the depth of this toughness. Every team has a decent fighter (exception Toronto) who will hold their own with anybody but Atlanta and Boston squared off 4 times in this game with each team having 3 different combatants. Not only did Atlanta answer the bell but they did so impressively by having a slight advantage overall in these fights (I called it 2-1-1 for The Thrashers in the bouts). This is even more impressive when you consider that it wasn't the Bruins light weights they were fighting but rather Chara, Thornton and Looch. I would have thought no team could match the toughness of these three but Boulton (this guy should be a Bruin), Thorburn and Valibik proved me wrong. I loved the tough attitude Atlanta brought to the table (old time hockey) and unlike the Dallas they were not cheap shotting and running away; they did it face to face and toe to toe - well done. After tonight Atlanta is a team I will be watching more - like I said earlier I was surprised and impressed - well done.

On the hockey side of things Atlanta weren't so close. Boston scored 4 goals on the first 5 shots and then took their foot off the gas and cruised to a 7-3 win. Scoring for The B's were Stuart with 2 while Kessel, Lucic, Chara, Yelle and Ryder had one each.

Note to Atlanta: good teams aren't just tough but rather good and tough - you're half way there now all you need to do is get good.

Note to all: Michael Ryder is now second in the league in game winning goals with 4 (Petr Svkora has 5). Picking the corner is shown below.

Atlanta and Boston do it again tonight - I can't wait - I was very entertained last night.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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