Tuesday, December 23, 2008

24-5-4!! Amazing!!!

This will be quick as I have no time and won't for the next couple of days (X-mas and all).

Saturday The Bruins beat beat Carolina 4-2 and followed it up with a 6-3 win over The Blues on Sunday. Players that looked good in these games were: ALL OF THEM - JUST LIKE ALL SEASON!

These guys play as a team, know what group success is over individual success, are playing for a common goal and are having FUN! They all have a role to play on this team and they all know what this role is and they all do it quite well. What led to this team's success so far is that they are a TEAM and not just a bunch of good players. They are all good players but the Team comes first!
I love this mentality and how these guys have bought into it.

52 Points before Christmas!! and they still have an easy game left against NJ tonight!

52 points in 33 games!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!

p.s - all the best to Bergy - get better - your health is the most important thing right now.


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