Friday, December 12, 2008

Gameday Stats vs Thrashers

I am a bit bored at work today so I decided to compare some statistics for kicks. We all know how well our team and goaltenders are doing but I decided to throw the stats up highlighting it.

It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Bruins are the number one team in defence. The fact that the Bruins still allow an average of 30 SA/G (22nd place) further exemplifies the skill of our goaltenders. Personally I was surprised at how high up the Bruins were in faceoffs. As a team the Bruins are 5th place overall and the team leader is Patrice Bergeron (5th overall in the league).

Hard nosed Lucic leads the way in the league with 113 hits, tops in the team for PM with 53, and 2nd in fights (3 fm). Blocked shot totals for the Bruins are low and I think this is a reflection of the amount of shots on goal the defence allows.

Stats wise tonight's game should be a breeze. I imagine with Lehtonen on the IR, Hedberg will get the start. Timmy Thomas should be in nets for the Bruins and there is still no word on the game status of Sturm and Ward, although they both doing much better.

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Blogger neb said...

I have one disagreement with your goalie statements. While the stats say that we have good goalies the stats you are using are more team stats. While the team may be giving up 30 shots a game...the shot stat is not a truely meaningful to goalie performance...For instacne if you took two goalies and one goalie sees 100 shots from outside the blueline, he could have no goals againts while another goalie could see those same 100 shots from just out side the crease. I could score a couple from there...

A good team defensive system like the bruins have is forcing opponenents to shoot from the outside and the forwards and defensemen are contesting each shot. A bad system like Atlanta's last night is allowing shots uncontested from high probabilty areas - think Mark Stuart looking like a sniper walking into the high slot. Several seasons ago when the Bruins goalies, including all-star Tim Thomas were being accused of being awful- they had no help. Teams were allowed to enter the zone and take uncontested shots.

Thats my two cents, these goalies are not as bad as we make them out to be when they have a poor team infront of them and they are not as good as we make them out to be when the teams in front of them protect them.

10:34 a.m., December 13, 2008  
Blogger TreeBob said...

while i will not debate the validity of that statement neb I will just add that the 2 top teams in the league (other than us) are 2nd and 3rd in SA/G. the LA Kings are first in that category. They may have good defenders (too lazy to check) but their record and GF indicate they have no offence to back up their defence and goaltending. Sounds like the old Bruins.

11:08 a.m., December 13, 2008  

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