Sunday, November 23, 2008

A post!

First let me commend Buff for keeping the blog rolling. I have not had time to keep up with the other blogs or "boards" and am wondering if you can still find the following at these places?

Tim Thomas is at best a backup - we need a "real goalie"?
We miss Joe?
Brad Boyes Brad Boyes whatcha gonna do?
Even the Axelsson haters must be biting their lips after he deeked them off their couches last week?

Just for the record:
Tim Thomas - best goalie in the league right now.
Marc Savard is better than Joe - Tied for 2nd in the league in points - Joe is 15th, and Savy kills penalites, Marc is a plus 13 to Joe's plus 3. Oh did I mention he is a smaller cap hit.
Brad- while I was sad to see him leave and he has put up some points, he now stands at -14, ouch. Meanwhile Wides has looked great, a good puck moving d-man, complementing a team playing a system that they seem to believe in and can now execute.
And Axelsson... he just keeps looking funny and making plays that create wins...I would keep him as he only uses up the money your saving on Jumbo Joe.

I wonder what do the Bruins "love to haters" have to complain about now???

It seems that so far things are turning out pretty ok this year. As of this post the Bruins are first in the confrence and second in the league. Not only that this team also has some depth, as it breaks my heart every game that Sobotka misses.



Blogger jimbuff said...

That site you speak of still bash PJ but all of a sudden they are all Timmy fans - idiots!!!

Keep posting, good to see you back:)

6:35 p.m., November 23, 2008  
Blogger Katie O'D said...

Up until this year I seriously missed Boyes, but damnit is Wides looking good right now! Now that he's got his defense under control, the trade's looking a lot better on our part.
I also like Sobotka. He plays like he's 6' 4", or thinks he is. And Savvy>Joe if not just for the reason that it's fun to watch him try to stick up for Milan Lucic.

3:35 p.m., November 24, 2008  

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