Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks For The Practice

Tomorrow night the 2nd place Bruins play the 1st place Rangers in a battle of the league's top two teams. However, last night The Bruins had a warm up scrimmage against The Habs. The Bruins easily defeated their Quebec rivals 6-1. I am late posting today because a friend of mine (a Montreal fan) and I had a bet on last nights game. If Montreal won I would wear a Habs hat for the weekend and when The Bruins won he would write an honest game review for this blog (it seemed like a sure thing to me). So now I hand my keyboard over to my good friend and Habs fan, Pierre.

Embarrassing! F'ing Embarrassing!!! Les Canadiens were embarrassed by The Boston Bruins last Night! I am embarrassed! The Bruins easily won 6-1. Carey Price was a piece of shit and played with no confidence. The Bruins outworked and outplayed Montreal all night long. The Habs were toyed with all night as The Bruins made it look easy. Not only did they do it with conviction but they also did it without the league's best goalie, Tim Thomas, in nets for them. The Habs lost to their backup; they were beaten by some Mexican who I never heard of before. I am EMBARRASSED!!! First place in the division was on the line and The Habs come out and play like shit! This team is going nowhere. Cudos to Lucic, a goal, a few big hits and he kicked the shit out of Komisarek. Now I give you back to Buff.

Thank you for living up to your end of the bet and being honest Pierre, it was greatly appreciated.

On a closing note: Montreal has not beat Boston in regulation since the 2007-2008 season (this after even spotting them a 3-0 lead in one game). How long will this streak continue; from what I saw last night I am guessing a long, long time.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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