Saturday, November 22, 2008

Florida Falls To The Bruins; Just Like Everyone Else!

Last Night The Bruins Juggernaut continued to roll as They beat Florida 4-2. Savard and Bergeron each had a goal and an assist while Kessel and Krejci added a goal a piece as well.

Timmy Thomas was Timmy Thomas (enough said, Florida never had a chance).

Tonight The Bruins face The Habs in Montreal on a night where Patrick Roy's number will be retired by Montreal. This is a good omen for The Bruins as Roy left because he was embarrassed of how he was treated there. The Habs were classless in their treatment of one of the greatest goalies ever and this ceremony will remind the players of how crappy this team is to play for. The Montreal players will come out flat and be steam rolled by The Mighty Bruins!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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