Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bruins Win Goaltending Batlle Against Hawks

The Bruins survived an 18 shot 1st period by Chicago and then went on to win 2-1 in a shootout. Yes, The Bruins won a shootout!!!! (even in a win I hate the shootout concept).

Sturm scored for The B's in regular play while Wheeler and PJ provided the markers in the penalty shot competition.

This game was physical with some roughing and fighting (gotta love Thornton) in it. However, the game was more of a goalie's duel than anything. The Hawks, Khabibulin and The Bruins Timmy Thomas were the true stars of this game facing 39 and 32 shots and only allowing a goal a piece. I love it when The Bruins are in goalie battles because with the league's best goalie on their team the Bruins won't lose many of these games. Timmy is amazing!!!

Tim Thomas at a glance:
Save Percentage .946 - 1st in league!
Goals Against Average - 1.76 - 1st in league!
Shutouts - 2 - 2nd in league!
Excitability - 1000 - 1st in league - The Nhl's most exciting player!!!

Tonight the Bruins take on The Habs in a battle of two of the leagues best teams - hold on tight, it should be a good one.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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