Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A clear shot taken

I just read that Timmy will get the start tonight against the Cup champs. This is a clear statement to the team that if you perform well, you will get ice time. The Thomas haters will be complaining if he loses tonight. They will clamor for Manny. Those of us who support him (Tim) will see it as a minor set back. This clear shot at Manny's play and attitude and backing of Timmy's, this is the coaches first bold and correct move. Congrats to you Claude, your first feather in the credibility cap.

Good luck tonight boys

Ps those of you expecting to see the game at 10:00 will see a half hour of Cup celebration.

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Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

I'm pretty happy with the way Julien has handled the Bruins. So far he is making Lewis look rather incompetent.

I thought they played pretty well last night. It's too bad I had to watch the Anaheim coverage on Center Ice. For some reason they pulled NESN at the last minute, at least on Dish.

I'll be Chara's sore this morning.

12:31 p.m., October 11, 2007  

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