Saturday, May 05, 2007

versus vs not versus

first, let me apologize. normally this blogger does not blog about anything other than my (ok our) bruins here. if i blog about the playoffs, it would be in relation to the bruins. if blog about issues of world politics, it would be in relation to the bruins. if i blog about my mom it would be in relation to the bruins. this particular blog is going to be about versus and its only tie to the bruins is my inability, through out this past season, to watch selected monday and tuesday night games that appeared on said station.

a little history. before the lockout there was no problem, all games on nesn and all games watched, or recorded and watched, by neb. then came the "new deal". with the nhl contract "vs" got 10ish games a season. this is where the problems starts. i live in a town whose cable contract was owned by adelphia. adelphia considered the V a digital cable channel. i thought about it but decided against spending an extra 25 bucks a month to get one single channel so i could watch one bruins game a month. for 25 bucks a month i could/should go to the game! plus, i get enough channels already. lastly i decided the problem would be mitigated, i would drive to my friends house in the neighboring comcast town were he had the V. the games would be seen there.

as you can imagine, i started missing games, as this was not a perfect scenario. but i did not sit idly by. i called adelphia, i wrote adelphia, i emailed adelphia, i emailed the bruins, i emailed dale arnold and dale read my email on the air during the dale and holley show. - sorry dale i know you couldn't really do anything but perhaps this helped others, also frustrated in similar positions, to hear that they were not alone.

back in the fall i thought my problems would soon be over. comcast had bought out the bankrupt adelphia. bankrupt i am sure by such idiot managerial decisions, such as making Vs a digital only channel. there is another hockey tie in here. the owner of adelphia i believe also owns or owned the sabres - another good reason i shouldn't of paid and extra 25 bucks, because indirectly it might be going to that diver briere's pockets. but i digress, this purhase of adelphia, i though, would bring me the V! how could it not. comcast in my neighboring town provided the V at the level of service i was at! my friend lived 4 miles away and there it was every tuesday night nhl hockey with the little round vs logo right there in the corner.

well game after game came and went and still no V. another season was lost. and now playoffs and games i would normally watch are just not available. the nhl plays its best hockey and my comcast house hold can not watch while my friends comcast household down the street could. already another round of emails and phone calls to comcast representatives had been made. many minutes were spent on hold.

then it happened this week, i got the letter. i was going to have the V!!!!

in june.

lotta good the F'ing V does me in june. o boy, i frankly can not wait for the the tour de france. this whole thing has left me a little empty. what is wrong with this world and now if you have gotten this far.... well ive wasted your time with all this drivel versus real insite. just a reminder, i apologized up front.

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