Friday, February 02, 2007

My T.V Joins the Bruins

Last nite, at 5 minutes before game time, my baby (51" RCA T.V.) joined the Bruins' line up as it also decided to quit. I guess it had enough of showing Bruins' games this season and decided to join the team in giving up.

I had this T.V. for 11 years and watched alot of games on it. The picture is of the T.V. in my truck before I took it to the same place the Bruins' season has gone; the dump!

I picked up a 32" Sanyo (empty box in the truck) this morning to do me until I get another big screen for my bedroom.

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Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

Had you actually seen the game you'd know they haven't quit or given up.

I'll always remember this game as the one where Kessel and Boyes earned my respect. Boyes was a monster out there! And not just in the fight. Keseel proved that he could do the work on the boards. I just wish one or both of them could have scored. They deserved it. The whole team deserved it. But somtimes even when you play your best you still lose.

I'm sorry you've quit on the team.

11:08 a.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

Poor bastard!

Time to go to Future shop and get a new HDTV.

11:09 a.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger jimbuff said...

I never quit on the team - I think the team quit on me. - I am still there biggest fan.
However that said - you are right I never seen last nites game -I hope they never quit. Maybe there is still hope

11:48 a.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger jimbuff said...

I am not a quitter- but from the last few games I saw I thought the Bruins had quit

11:51 a.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger neb said...

well last night was a different story...who knew milan was such a cancer in the locker room.... or conversly perhaps york is a voice of accountability on this team, because they played with passion for the first time in recent memory. it was up and down the line up. guys were looking for checks and seemed hungry for them. this was also a very poorly officiated game (both ways)....

ultimatly luck was the deciding factor in this game... buffalo probably has earned the luck and it won them this game. more efforts like last night will not leave the decision to luck.

12:11 p.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

They did give up--for a couple of games. The real test is the next game, because it must really hurt to go out there and throw your weight around and give your all only to end up losing again. Not what this team needed!

But the way I see it is that this is a rebuilding year. None of us thought we were going to win a cup, right? So we pick and choose the good things that we can take out of this year and hope for the future.

One thing I know: this team has the talent to make the playoffs and even go deep. But until they come together as a team they haven't a chance at winning even a first round series. So we can hope that they learn from the lows and come together. In fact, it may be these ugly games that help turn them into a team and a winner.

Looking at them last night I found some positives (thinking ahead to the playoffs someday). Boyes and Kessel were two. I thought Kessel should have been in Providence this season, so I'm really happy that he is taking his play to the next level. Primeau looked like he was playing a playoff game. If I were PC I'd want to keep him, because I think someday he has the potential to bring the same intensity as Peca. And I'd love to have Peca as a Bruin... Savard is a gift to all of us! He ought to be the star of this team. Chara showed again how he can be a nasty physical presence. I think he just needs not to have the whole defence on his shoulders all the time. No player can play that much and not turn the puck over.

So it may be ugly, but cheer up, it's not all doom and gloom. Either Lweis is going to be the answer or he'll be one part in a chain to it. But I still think we're headed (finally) in the right direction.

12:20 p.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

Weel said neb.

12:27 p.m., February 02, 2007  
Blogger Doobie said...

Buff, my deepest condolences. Wow. 51 inches. That's a tough loss.

12:40 p.m., February 02, 2007  

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