Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bruins Win Last Two!

Last Night The Bruins, led by another incredible performance by Timmy, beat the struggling Oilers 1-0 in overtime. Thomas recorded his first shutout of the season and moved into 4th spot for save percentage in the league. He is playing in mid-season form already (should be another allstar appearance for him). Wideman scored the only goal of the game and Savard added an assist to up his incredible point pace for the season to 12 points in 9 games. Savard currently sits 4th in points in the league but should have The Art Ross Trophy in his hands at seasons end.

The Bruins also won on Saturday night as they squeaked by Atlanta 5-4. The B's penalty killing let them down as they gave up 3 goals on their first 3 penalties. However, Lucic took control of this game and carried the team to victory on his back as he recorded his ever hat trick and added an assist for a 4 point game. On a night where every team was in action he was nhl.coms 1st star of the night. 30 teams, 630 players, 1 first star - Milan Lucic!!! Not Crosby, not O.V., not Iginla, not anyone else but Lucic - the best of the best when everyone saw action!

Tonight The Bruins are in action against The Canucks. They have to contain Vancouver's best player in order to win. They have to be able to control Kyle Wellwood... Kyle Wellwood??? are you freaking kidding me... is this all they have? Luongo has been terrible the last two years and the Twins are the best do nothing perimeter players in the league. I predict the Bruins win BIG tonight. 6-1!

Go Bruins Go!!!


Blogger Temujin said...

If you think the Bruins are going to win tonight, you've got another thing coming, pal! They'll come out flat after an exhausting performance last night, and Fernandez is going to get shelled in the first period.

I'll be back to gloat after the game :-)

5:43 p.m., October 28, 2008  
Blogger jimbuff said...

temujin - where are you????

4:35 a.m., October 29, 2008  
Blogger TreeBob said...

Temujin is from Waiting For Stanley (the Leafs/Vancouver blog)

6:33 a.m., October 29, 2008  

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