Friday, October 24, 2008

Terrible Against Toronto

Last night The Bruins gave away 2 easy points. They had a 2-0 lead over the least talented team in the league and found a way to still lose 4-2. These are games the B's need to win; they can not lose to many of these games to inferior opponents. Maybe they were tired (played 5 games in 8 nights) or maybe they were thinking like me (2 easy points, no need to try).

The game, however, did have good moments for Boston as Bergeron scored his first goal in a year (since his injury) and the B's had a few great hits and Timmy once again had a few highlight saves.

Tomorrow night The Bruins are in action again (actually all 30 teams are playing on Saturday) against Atlanta and hopefully a lesson was learned last night. I predict a 5-1 victory in this contest.

After that they play Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. They can easily grab all 8 points in their next 4 games if they work for it as they have more talent than these teams combined. They can not take it for granted; they have to earn their wins.

I see last night's game as the wake up call they needed - The Bruins will be better from here on out!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


Blogger Katie O'D said...

Thought they played terribly except for that one stretch with both goals and the hits. It might be what you said, about being too aware of how awful the Leafs are- it looked like they weren't really willing to make simple (and clean) plays, and were disorganized and lost. I missed this last game but apparently they picked it up?

3:48 p.m., October 26, 2008  

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