Monday, January 15, 2007

Sabres @ Bruins - Live

Here is today's lineup:



Boyes is demoted and Donovan is promoted. Not to drastic, but I would have liked to see Chistov move up to the second line instead. Thomas got nailed by Jurcina after he was pushed by Kotalik. Tim Thomas just made two amazing stops! The second came as he was inside his net.

Period 1
Murray came on the ice for his first sift and committed a hooking penalty. On the Buffalo PP Sturm got a breakaway and was interfered with, canceling the PP. The Bruins are pressuring on the power play and Savard has scored!! They were buzzing all around with chances from Sturm as well. Chara and Bergeron assisted on Savard's goal. A nice pass by Paille off a Brad Stuart giveway, to set up Roy and they score from the side of the net. It might be 1-1 but the Bruins are really taking it to Buffalo, with a lot of action in the Sabre's end. Just as I write these encouraging words Johan Hecht scored to make it is 2-1 Buffalo. Hecht from behind the net threw it out front and as Thomas went to save it it went in off him. Sturm is on fire in the 1st period with three great chances, but nothing to show for it. Right now shots are 12-6 in favour of Boston with four minutes left in the period. Savard was hauled down and the Bruins are going on the PP for the second time in the game. Not much control and the Bruins never really set up on the man advantage. Bruins are applying some major pressure right now with an amazing shot from Brad Stuart that was blocked by Miller. Still in the final minute of the period and with .7 seconds left in the period the Bruins score!! It is being announced that Axelsson has scored it, but it looks like it may have gone in off of Brad Stuart. I will check back later and let you know if anything changes. 2-2 with a 19-8 shot advantage by Boston.

Period 2
Over two minutes in and not much happening on either side of the ice. There has been a holding call made on Tenkrat with two and half minutes gone in the second. Briere just got nailed by Brad Stuart along the boards and then immediately elbowed by Sturm, no call. Twelve minutes to go and still not much action. The Bruins are being out shot 7-2 but no real scoring chances by Buffalo. The Bruins are going on the PP after Lydman held a Bruin player. Nice centering pass by Sturm...but nobody was in front to except the pass. With 13 seconds left int he PP, Paille gets a delay of game penalty to make it a 5 on 3. Three straight bad PP's for the Bruins, with little action. Only five shots so far on all the power plays, and also neb would like me to inform you that Mara is the only Bruin in the positive range (+1). Alberts and Peters just went at it after Alberts nailed Novotny. A few good shots from Alberts before he fell down but I will give the decision to Peters. AN AMAZING SAVE BY MILLER! Flying across the crease in midair he stops an open shot with his stick. After two periods the score is still 2-2 with the shots 26-19 for the Bruins.

Period 3
Wayne Primeau has not returned after leaving late in the second period. Axelsson though is picking up the slack and is the top forward with over 15 minutes of ice time. Thomas was just run over by Jurcina after being pushed by Kotalik. A minute later and Thomas has just made 3 amazing saves, especially the second off Vanek off his back and in his net! NESN is reporting that scoring chances are 17-14 for Boston with 10 minutes to go in the game. Miller just made a great save on Savard to keep it deadlocked at 2 all. This one might be going to OT but I hopefully the Bruins will continue to play well and be rewarded. Under four minutes to go and it is end to end action with few stoppages in play. Another save by Thomas robbing Roy of a sure game winner. Fifty seconds to go in regulation. And that is it for the third, we are going to OT!

Sudden death time... Great save by Miller on a 2 on 1 and shot by Murray and then on the other end a great save stopping a 2 on 1 for the Sabres. All he Bruins are tired. Lots of opportunities for the Bruins but nobody has the strength to put it in. Another save by Miller off of Sturm with thirty seconds left in OT, and Buffalo calls a timeout. Faceoff in the Sabres zone and the play comes down to the Bruins end with two scoring chances by Buffalo with six seconds to go. That is it, shoot-out!

34 saves by Thomas, and 35 by Miller. The rally caps are on backwards as they always are for the Bruins this year in the shoot-out. Buffalo to shoot first.
Briere - Save!
Sturm - Score, right Shoulder!!
Kotalik - SAVE!!
Murray - Save!!

Bruins win 3-2!!

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Blogger Jocelynn said...

Hey, you put my blog in the links. I guess I have to post more now!

7:02 p.m., January 15, 2007  
Blogger jimbuff said...

jocelynn - yes, yes you do!

10:17 p.m., January 15, 2007  
Blogger Nevets said...

Did anyone here really think that the signing of Savard this summer would pay off this much?
What an amazing player he is. When I first heard we had signed him, there was always someone waiting to say that he had a bunch of points last year, but he was passing the puck to Kovalchuk, and that was why.

A true playmaker who has brightened up Muzz's game again, and puts the puck in then net whenever possible.

Without this signing, the B's would be a lot worse off at this point of the year. Just credit where its due- nice job, PC!

9:00 a.m., January 16, 2007  
Blogger neb said...

technically it was gorton who signed him (under pc's direction), so i give gorton partial credit.... ill also give oconnell partial credit for dumping joe creating the space to get a savard. nice job pc, mo and jg!

1:55 p.m., January 16, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

Joc, I also added HLOG as well. So write on whichever one you like :)

Well I know I was expecting him to do great things. You could see his points progressing over the last few years. In Calgary he was on the second line and second PP line and he still did OK in scoring. When he came to Atlanta his minutes increased tremendously (and some benifit from Kovalchuk for sure).

The key though might have been the rule changes for him. He is small and he needs room to make sweet passes.

4:08 p.m., January 16, 2007  

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