Friday, January 05, 2007

quick hits friday

too depressed to blog

a couple of weeks ago i checked, because i was wondering, when the hell do WE get see philly - well this is no longer money in the bank

moustaches? could thier be some sort of selleck worship going on?

very little production from the top forwards lately - whats going on with them - holiday blues

maybe they are pissed the rene is not signing every night

like i said too depressed to blog



Blogger Nevets said...

Oh's like you don't proofread on purpose just so I can make a smart ass comment about Rene Rancourt's keen sign language ability.

It's just a slump. All teams have them, and let's hope this one is over.

Not to say I wasnt disappointed with the 10-2 drubbing....I actually shut the game off. I never do that. But I think they may use that game as motivation, you know, with the humiliation and all.....

Oh yeah- not selleck-It's the Ron Jeremy moustache contest!!!

3:40 a.m., January 06, 2007  
Blogger jimbuff said...

This maybe just my take on things but are you depressed?

7:47 a.m., January 06, 2007  
Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

Hey, cheer up. On a roll, the B's probably would have come out really flat against Philly today. Somehow I have the feeling motivation isn't going to be a problem now.

11:25 a.m., January 06, 2007  

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