Sunday, January 04, 2009


In his previous post I feel Jimbuff is a little quick to dismiss these pesky Sabres, than I am willing to allow. While the Bruins are clearly a better team, 23 (!) games above 500, to the Sab's 4 games over, what he fails to mention is that yesterdays win put them into the 8th seed and if the playoffs started today...yup you guessed it, the Bruins would play them. Every now and again a good team will have a lesser team that just matches up well and gives them fits. I would not enjoy a playoff series that started today against these Sabres. It would worry me.

I have also been worried about the holes created by the loss of Sturm, Bergy and Ference for long periods.... they have been getting by but, a loss like yesterdays reminds me that this team misses these guys.


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