Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steak and Beans

Line-up for tonight's game:



Period One
The game started off quick with end to end action. As Philly was skating up ice though, one of their players made a bad pass that was intercepted by newcomer Dennis Wideman. Wideman fed a beauty to a charging Mowers, who split the defence and went in untouched to beat Martin Biron. Sturm and Bochenski just went in 2 on 1 but Bochenski couldn't get enough stick on it. Mowers just scored again!! Another great feed, this time from Reich (his first NHL assist), and this time he took the puck and roofed it! This is Mark Mowers first ever 2 goal game, but you would never know it from the way he is playing tonight. Right after the Bruins goal, Reich received a hooking call, and just as the penalty ended Pitkanen went in alone and scored. Savard missed a check just outside the Bruins zone which let Pitkanen get free, and Ward had to go down early to try and block him. A couple of really good saves by Thomas as the defence has been a little too loose tonight so far. The teams are both playing a similar style in that respect as both goalies have had an active period. One minute to go in the period and PJ was just cross checked by someone, he seems to be ok though. Shoots on goal for the period are 14 for both teams. 2-1 Bruins after one period.

Period Two
Philly is taking it to the Bruins with two minutes gone in the second. Timmy is standing up though and literally taking pucks in the head to stop them. Chara got a penalty and a minute into the penalty Umberger tapped in an easy rebound as the Bruins were just standing around. Savard set up Wideman for a one timer and he just missed. Shots are 8-1 for Philly after only seven minutes of the second! And Boston has another penalty, this time a hooking call against Tenkrat. Good aggressive penalty kill for the Bruins as it looked more like a power play. Thomas just made a sick save! Thomas made an initial stop and while down on the ice still had the presence of mind to put his stick out and stop the puck on the goal line. I will need to find a video of this one tomorrow as my words do not do it justice. Philly got a penalty right after, but they scored a shorthanded goal on a excellent 2 on 1 set-up.

Another give away and Thomas had to make another great save to keep the Philly lead to just one goal. Another penalty called against the Flyers and they are now down two players. Chara a couple seconds later in front of the net gets his 10th goal of the season. All tied up now at 3 a piece and the Bruins are still on the man advantage. They just announced that Thomas has faced 33 shots on goal already with five minutes remaining in the second period. NESN has already called the save of the game on the one I described above. Truly amazing. Gauthier took another cheap shot on Marc Savard, this time Marc was checked from behind and Boston is on the power play. Pretty lousy power play so far as the Bruins can't keep it in the Flyer zone. That's it for the period and the Flyers are out shooting Boston 35-24!! 3-3 after two periods.

Period Three
Kessel has been put on the number one line with Savard and Murray for the beginning of the third. Pitkanen with an obvious interference penalty but no call was made, so Bergeron at the stoppage in play decided to respond to the hit by roughing Pitkanen up. Tenkrat just got a great scoring chance short handed, but Biron stopped the break away chance. Good pressure by the Bruins this period as the they got another good shot on net. Sturm received a hooking call and on the penalty kill, Tenkrat had another steal that lead to a wicked good scoring chance. Scottie Upshall has been assessed a hooking penalty bringing the Philly power play to an end. Thomas now has a season high 46 saves, one away from his career best of 47. Axlesson and Mowers on a 2 on 1 almost scored; this game is looking like overtime. Another shorthanded opportunity but nothing doing! We are gong to OT!

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Breakaway with 10 seconds left, score...I hate you Upshall.

Well there is nothing good about this outcome, well one thing I guess; 51 saves by Thomas! Other than that it blew.

My 3 stars:
1) Scottie Upshall (Game Winner)
2) Tim Thomas (stopped 51 of 55 shots)
3) Martin Biron (stopped 34 of 37 shots)

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Blogger number4bobbyorr said...

Man, that game was depressing. It looked like a puckup game in the first period. Little hitting. It seemed like every Bruin defenseman was trying for that big outlet pass. In the second they didn't bother to show up. By the time they got serious in the third Philly had started to think they could win it, and played rather well, I thought.

I'm worried about the way Savard has been targeted by goons in the last few games, and no Bruin seems to stand up for him.

"Lewis called the 55-shot total for Philadelphia, 'Ridiculous.'"

See, he's not a complete idiot...

Me thinks it's too late in the B's season to retool the defense. Oh well, there's always next year (that would be season No. 37 for me).


11:16 a.m., March 02, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

yes I guess will be our extended "gel" period until next season starts. Maybe we can do ourselves a favour and fall a couple more positions to get more balls in the lottery.

11:23 a.m., March 02, 2007  
Blogger Sean Zandberg said...

Jeeziz Murphy! Thomas faced 55 shots? What is this, Florida?

4:22 a.m., March 03, 2007  

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