Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Defensive Statistics Breakdown

I made this post on Facebook, but I figured not everyone is on there and I would just post it here. Basically one of the guys on the Bruins group said York and Allen are the worst D-men on the team. I felt that Allen was better than that based on what I had seen so far. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell because he has not played as many games and only averages 13 minutes per game. Enjoy!

I agree (and so do my stats) that York is our worse defencman. I do not agree about Allen. I have always thought he has played well in his defencive role but it is hard to see because he only averages 13 minutes a game. As you will see he is our 3rd best hitter, 3rd best shot blocker, 2nd best at hitting the net (this is not a very good stat since he may not shoot much), 3rd best at not giving away the puck, and worst at taking it away (none so far). Please feel free to discuss.

All stats are taken from NHL.com.

I took the players total minutes played this year and then normalized them. By taking the stat category and then dividing it by the minutes played in total i get an average for that stat per minute. I then multiplied the stat/min by 20 minutes (average time a defenceman plays in a game) for all players. Then I multiplied that number by 82 games to get how many projected stats they would accumulate for the year.

I think this is the only fair way of doing the calculations because all players are now equal in minutes. There are errors in doing this because no player is used equally (PK, PP, ES) within a game. Still, this is the fairest way I can see and I can't see the stats differing too much.


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Blogger neb said...

no take aways for allen... hmm this is a very important part of the game.

you could argue that york is the best in this department as his ratio of gives to takes is as good as anyones on the team.

10:23 a.m., March 21, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

I agree it is very important but i think the key in Allen's situation is he has none this year.

What I mean is; he has played only 25 games as a Bruin and has not got a TA. Since I am projecting stats, he will never get a TA because a 0 can never increase.

York, he is 4th on the team in TAs and the best at not giving away the puck. These are great stats, but he has little offence and he does not block shots or hit (Worst on the team for both). The last two stats are easily seen when watching a game so that might be why nobody likes him.

MS by itself is completly useless. I would need to add shots taken or combine the 2 for a shot accuracy (% of shots on goal).

1:26 p.m., March 21, 2007  

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