Saturday, January 20, 2007

quick hits friday from saturday

sooooo, whats the deal with the goalies... there was no doubt in my mind they would go back to thomas tonight. but to me they have suddenly decided to give a crucial start to a guy who has been inconsistent. this is after benching several players on thursday for allegedly inconsistent play? does this make other peeps wonder what is going on behind closed doors? something wrong with timmy? did they burn him out, hurt him in december? are they showcasing hannu for the allstar break. i said earlier this week that these four games before the allstar break would be an indicator of what this teams future holds. this is the first make or break game of the season and going with anyone but your number one sends a question mark to everyone. are they also going to start mowers, hoggan, donovan jurcina and york?

lets hope bergy gets better over the allstar break….presently a –15 (team worst) and not playing well (ouch hurts to say).. does anyone miss the net more on this team?

i hear plenty of complaints that kessel was not given more ice sooner this year. in my book they have been handling his maturing perfectly. putting him in positions to succeed more than fail has and will do wonders. now if we can get him to hit too!

its being said more and more but its got to be said again….marc savard is a hockey god formed from the broken mold of adam oats – now if we can get him to win a faceoff.

bobby allen has been great. i am not one of those you will find complaining about mark stuart or lashoff or jurcina getting this ice time – if anyone deserves it and actually has taken to the opportunity its allen. these other guys need to develop into real players and turns out that allen just may have done that – here is hoping he can keep up the solid performance.



Blogger TreeBob said...

I think they are just trying to give him a little bit of work. He has not gotten consisitent starts since the beginning of the season. There cannot be any reason why they would be making him the number one. If they want Hannu to get beter then he must start at least 1 out 4 games.

I noticed last week especially how much Berg was missing the net. I think he is just trying to hard. It happens to all players during the season. He will get over it. I am glad Allen is doing as well as he is. I wanted him to get a chance back when he was drafted and it never happened. Let's hope he will be given a good number of games before the send him back to Providence.

1:23 p.m., January 20, 2007  
Blogger neb said...

you cant justify sending allen and keep jurcina right i say he stays...

im ok with hannu getting 1 out of 4. but 2 of 2 during an important strech before the longest break of the season and 3 of the last 6 seems a little fishy, dont you think?

1:29 p.m., January 20, 2007  
Blogger TreeBob said...

I'm not worried.
Now if Hannu gets the start in the first game after the all-star break well then I'm in full panic mode!

2:52 p.m., January 20, 2007  

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