Friday, January 19, 2007

Bruins Win Shootout Over Pens

Last nite The Bruins won a 4-4 game in a shootout against Pittsburgh. I think (I'll check later) that this is their 9th connsecutive win over the flightless ones. Phil Kessel scored the shootout winner to give the Bruins the extra point. Hannu played between the pipes for Boston and was both good and bad - had some great saves and looked shaky at times but all in all played good enough to salvage 2 points.

Game Notes:
- Savard was amazing once again.
- In the 3rd period Lewis benched Jurcina and Alberts - also Chistov, Tenkrat and Hoggan were used sparingly. I'm not sure what prompted Lewis to do this but making players accountable and sending a message is something I said here many times he should do.
- Hannu got the win!!! Stopped Malkin, Crosby and Gonchar in the shootout - impressive!
- Bruins had a goal called back and it was never reviewed - if it was it would have counted.
- Bruins were down 2-0 after the 1st but showed some spunk and played harder from then on.
- Murray was buzzing all nite and must have taken at least 20 shots (not sure how many on net). He looked dangerous all nite and came close to ending it a couple of times in OT.
- Donovan was also impressive - worked harder than probably anyone on this nite (he never took a shift off - it was also his goal that was disallowed).

The Bruins next two games are a home and home series against Ottawa seperated by a week because of The All-Star Farce (I mean game).

It is now crunch time and a streak either way will determine our playoff fate!

Go Bruins Go !!!



Blogger Doobie said...

Indeed, the Globe reports that Jurcina was benched at the end of the 2nd and then Alberts, Tenkrat and Chistov in the 3rd. Impressive that he not only finally pulled a move like this, but also that it worked.

2:59 p.m., January 19, 2007  

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