Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl Sunday vs. Habs

Yesterday, against The Canucks, The Bruins outplayed their opponent and lost once again. The Bruins are doing everything right except hitting the back of the net more. Is it just me or has every goalie The Bruins have faced since X-Mas had the best game of their season??? Yesterday Luongo was great and even made saves he didn't see (lucky he was hit by the puck on a couple of occasions).

Ryder is snake bitten as he is doing everything he can to score but it just won't go in for him (although he did get 1 yesterday) - I have never seen a player play so good or give so much as Ryder has in the last month and not be rewarded for it.

Lucic still looks rusty but that will come in time.

Savard is back! Needs a sniper with him soon (maybe move Sturm up or even Ryder). Moving Ryder up could fix both problems (just a thought).

Anyway, this afternoon they face The Habs - what a better way to end this streak than against their hated rivals!

The puck has to go in soon; so why not today! I feel good about this game and the rest of The Bruins season.

No need to give up on this season yet - a win can turn things around quickly and as bad as they have been they are still in the thick of things!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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