Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Game Before The Olympic Break!

Tonight The Bruins try to make it 4 straight victories when they visit The Panthers.

Everybody knows that The Bruins beat Tampa on Thursday 5-4 after almost blowing a 5-0 lead but a win is a win and 2 points are 2 points regardless of what they look like - that game is over time to move on. However, before I move on, I want to talk about 2 players and their play of late.

First is Michael Ryder. Ryder has been giving it his all this season and for a long time was not getting rewarded for how hard he was trying. Lately he has popped a couple of goals and he looks more confident. He seems to have a swagger to his play the last 2 games. He is trying more moves, his passes are better and his shot seems to be more placed with more zip to it. Ryder is back!!

Second is Blake Wheeler. Wheeler's play used top bother me. I saw him as a lazy player who took too many stupid penalties and for someone his size he was a puss! However, in the last few games I saw him in a fight and roughing it up on a few more occasions. His play has also improved. He is working harder without the puck and seems to be giving a full effort now. He is passing when he should instead of always trying to beat someone first. I am impressed with his play as of late (wow! thought I would never say that). If Wheeler keeps this up he will be helping his line instead of just being a beneficiary of playing with Ryder and Krejci. Wheels may be arriving!

Anyway tonight I predict a 5 -2 win over The Panthers.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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