Friday, January 08, 2010

Quick Notes From This Week

Monday night vs. Rangers:
- lose 3-2
- play good for 5 minutes and almost escape with a point they never deserved
- late mistake cost them the game
- Ference gets injured

Tuesday vs. Ottawa:
- It's Ottawa - they always beat them
- Thomas' dominance over The Sens continues ( something like 600 consecutive wins )
- Bergy gets injured

Last night vs. Hawks:
- Blow a 2-0 lead
- They were dominated most of the game
- Thomas pulled
- Lucic returns
- Savard injured

This week is a good example of how The Bruins season is going; up and down and wondering who will be injured next. Perseverance is needed.

Rangers are next on Saturday - revenge!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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