Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Restless In Montreal!!!

Nine hours before game time and I am going nuts!!! I've been in Montreal since Monday and have seen and done it all (waiting for game time now is killing me!). We have our Jerseys all ready to wear ( all done with Ryder's name and 73 on the back). We are sitting in the nose bleeds but may upgrade before the game depending on scalper's prices.

The last Montreal/Boston game I was to was on a Saturday afternoon during Superbowl weekend the year prior to the lockout (Bruins won 1-0 despite being outshot 44-18. Raycroft had the shutout and Murray had the winner).

Game predictions:

- Bruins win 4-1.
- Ryder has hat trick in his return to Mtl.
- Savard has 3 assists (of course on all of Ryder's goals)
- Bergy has the other goal.
- Thomas plays like the GOD he is.

I'll be posting tonight when I get back to the hotel after the game.


Go Bruins Go!!!


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