Saturday, January 13, 2007

Frustration at MSG

In an afternoon matchup, covered by NBC today, The Bruins lost to The New York Rangers 3-1.
The Bruins actually played well in the 1st and 3rd periods but were totally dominated in the middle frame. In the 1st period the play was even and the score was knotted at 1-1. The 2nd period was all Rangers as they outshot The Bruins 22-6 and played most of the frame in The Bruins end. However, despite the lopsided play in the 2nd, The Rangers only managed to get one goal. Timmy once again proved that he is our best player and gave the team a chance to win going into the 3rd. Some of his saves were unbelieveable and I still can not figure out how he manages to manipulate his body the way he does. In the 3rd period The B's played better and late in the frame were awarded a powerplay when Pock was sent to the bin for highsticking. I was on the edge of my seat thinking that this is where they will tie it. Next thing I know New York has a breakaway and Bergeron hauls down Ortmeyer - Penalty Shot. Ortmeyer scores his first of the season on the penalty shot and The Bruins day is done - Rangers win 3-1. Another spectacular game by Timmy wasted.
The Bruins, as of late, do not seem to have the jump that they had in November and most of December. Their heart seems to have been taken out and they are just going thru the motions come game time. Team energy is down and it seems to me, that as a group, they don't seem to care if they win or lose. This is very bothersome to me and really frustrates me as I am the most competitive person on the planet. When I play anything I have to give it my all I have to win - losing is not an option and when I do lose I HATE it! I wish that The Bruins could be this way all the time.

Game Notes:
- 2nd period was pathetic
- Savard scores (did not make all-star game but there is alot of politics and the game is a farse so it does not bother me that much - he deserves to be there though).
- Timmy was amazing - a few times this game he had me shaking my head in wonderment.
- NBC coverage of hockey sucks!
- Defence played a little better than as of late but there is still room for improvement. - Congrats to Chara on making the all-star game.
- Not a game note but Kessel was chosen to play in the young stars game on all-star weekend - congrats to him.

The Bruins next game is at home on Monday against The Buffalo Sabres.

Go Bruins Go !!!



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