Friday, April 11, 2008

Bos VS Mtl - Game 1 Notes

Everybody has seen last nite's 4-1 loss to The Habs so no need to analyze too much. Here are few observations I have on Game 1:

- Chara and Sturm looked really bad (they would have been bad if this was a pee wee game). Step it up from now on guys!

- Thomas and Murray were the only two Bruins who looked pissed and and seemed like they cared every shift - the team needs to feed off of their passion!

-Everyone other Bruin just looked uninterested - this is the playoffs they need to play with the same passion that was shown during the season - no they need more!

-Ryder was all over the place for the Habs. Although he didn't record a point, he was the best player on the ice for either team in game 1.

The Bruins need to regroup and forget about game 1. It takes 4 games to win a series and I personally still think the Bruins will bounce back and win this this round!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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