Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Savard Is Even More Amazing This Season!!!

Last season I wrote on who the hell was getting all the goals that Savard was setting up because no one on the team had a true sniper's season.

This year the distance is even more noticeable. Going into tonites game against The Whalers, Savard is 1st in the league with 51 assists. This is even more amazing when you notice that no one on Boston is in the top 55 in goal scoring and they only have 2 players with over 15 goals (Sturm and Kobasew) and not one 20 goal scorer so far.

Savard can set up anyone and everyone and that is just what he does. He makes anyone on his line a threat to score at any given time. He is the premier set up man in the league. All other assist leadrers in the league play constantly with a true sniper on their line and yet they all trail Savy who doesn't even have a true marksman on his team.

Just imagine if Savard did play with a natural goal scorer - he would easily have 80+ assists by now and would be leading the points race also.

Savy for MVP!!!! He deserves the Hart Trophy but because he is not one of the leagues chosen "poster boys" he will probably not even be considered in the top ten. As Bruins fans and knowing what is true I say: Screw the league and their "chosen ones" Savy is the best talent in the NHL!!!


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