Saturday, December 30, 2006

quick hit friday on saturday

stuart leveled bondra last night - stuart is the biggest hitter since mclaran was wisked mysteriously out of town....

only three teams have less loss's than the b's in the confrence.

b's are now tied for 6th place.  (when can i legally watch the standings?)

at 9-4-1 against thier division they are best in thier division against the division (look it up)!  this is a drastic improvement over last year.

early in the year i put forward that this team would go where thier 8-20  players bring them.  last night was more evidence of that.  goals from mowers, jurican and points from the likes of chistov and primeau.  the "new nhl" is incumbent on scoring up and down the lineup.

im sick (read with a croak)

when the bruins, toronto and ottawa are all deadlocked for last in the division and as they do tonight toronto and ottowa play each other - who do you route for?   i guess the injury bug......



Blogger Doobie said...

It's never too early to start watching the standings! They were 2-5-1 on 10/27, so we're looking at a team that's gone 17-8-2 since. Nice!

9:51 a.m., December 30, 2006  

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