Thursday, December 21, 2006

two for the road

i am about to run out to play my thursday pickup...but before i do. two quickies.

-when a guy has an injury such as pj that will keep him out 5-10 games, i garantee you will see them miss 10.... i believe this is where the money for these missed games comes off the cap... so how many games has pj missed?

-vermin from ottowa dished a "sweet pass" the other night. i actually see it differently... he got what he deserved for show boating. that practice pass between the legs is best left at practice and is all glam and no value. there he is still watching behind the net as timmy turns the puck back up ice and into the ottawa goal. perhaps a good old fashion fake shot and a crisp traditional pass gets them a goal... but he telegraphs the pass by putting the puck tween his legs (tim knows he is not shooting from there) giving timmy a huge read. if im the coach he doesnt see the ice again.



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