Sunday, May 09, 2010

Krejci down is important

No one has posted here for a while... I assume we are all still watching, still thinking about the games. I am personally still generally disappointed in the fan base. They gave up on the team as worthless and now are jumping back on just as quickly. And I am not sold on Tukka as it seems the rest of Bruins nation is. I think Timmy wins game four and we sweep the series. The Tuk was weak. That said, I do not believe either goaltender on this team is as good as they appear. This system makes goalies look good. Unfortunately for Timmy and Tukka it can also make them appear bad when they do not get the needed offensive support, as happened for Timmy earlier this year and now the coach would get so much public dissent if he were to move off of Tukka...well he just couldn't do it. I understand this. Rask is just down on his knees too much, the youngster has never heard of a stand up save. Every shot puts him to his knees. 5 goals scored on Friday, 5 times Rask is on his knees when the goal goes in. In overtime he lets himself get run over in his crease and then can not stop the games winner as he swims around on the wrong side of the crease. We will need more from Tukka in these playoffs cause now he is the hope. I for one hopes he stands up and delivers.


Anonymous Noob101 said...

Definitely... You're a Tim Thomas butt smoocher. Rask is the real deal. Your lack of hockey knowledge is incredible. Don't quit your day job, " Noob "

5:37 p.m., October 13, 2010  

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