Friday, October 02, 2009

Washington Capitalizes In Boston!!

Good News and bad news!

First the bad news: The Bruins lose their season opening game 4-1 to The Washington Capitals. They were out played and outworked most of the game and deserved to lose. They were unable to generate a flow to their game and Washington looked like they were in mid season form.

Now for the good news: Hockey is back!!! It was great to sit down and watch The Bruins again. It seems like forever since they played.

The Bruins looked bad in the loss last night but it was only the 1st game of the season and only one loss. They will bounce back and be better; they are still going to be a very strong team this season.

Next up is Carolina on Saturday. The B's will bring their "A" game as they want revenge on these bozos for last season's playoffs.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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