Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bruins Destroy Dallas!!

Last night The Bruins finally played a complete game as they skated to victory over The Dallas Stars. The B's easily won this contest 3-0.

Rydermania was in full force last night as Michael was on a mission. He skated in hard on a Chara dump-in to throw a check that enabled Sturm to pick up the loose puck and feed it to Savard who in turn found twine. On the the third goal Ryder played keep away by himself until he finally decided to dish it to Savard for the one-timer shot and goal!

Bergy also looked good as he had a beautiful tip in for the second goal in between the Michael Ryder show.

Chara was a force on "D" and newcomer, Johnny Boychuk, really impressed me.

Timmy had the shutout and looked as good as ever (probably going to be a 2nd consecutive Vezina in his future).

The three stars as picked by me are (this is a tough one b/c I feel 5 or 6 players are deserving):

3rd: Michael Ryder - Rydermania is back!

2nd: Timmy Thomas - simply the best in the league at his position!

1st: Marc Savard - 2 goals and a lot of heart!

Tonight the Bruins travel to Phoenix to play the Yotes. If Boston plays like they did last night it is over already! I predict a 6-1 Bruins victory!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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