Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ryder Is Back And The Bruins Win!!!

The Boston Bruins destroyed The Florida Panthers 6-1 last night in Beantown. It was Michael Ryders 1st game back since smashing his face against Ottawa 7 games ago. Ryder inspired The Bruins to play their best game since he was injured. His presence gave The Bruins confidence and they played exceptional in his return.

Game hilites:

- Ryder returns!!!!
- Bitz had 2 goals (only had 1 career goal before this game)
- The fans chanting for Bitz in the last minute (gave me goose bumps)
- Ryder earns assist in 1st period
- Ryder scores goal in 3rd period
- Bergy steals the puck from the overrated Bouwmeester in the 1st minute to score
- P.J's hit on Zednik (lifted him straight up off his feet)
- Chuck Kobasew was in a fight (awesome to see!!!)

The games 3 stars as picked by me:

3 - Timmy Thomas - spectacular saves in the second period to keep the lead.

2 - Michael Ryder - Goal and an assist in his return.

1 - Byron Bitz - 2 goals and had the fans at the loudest I heard this season.

The Bruins now host The Mighty Ducks on Thursday (do they still have Goldberg in nets?). I predict a 5-0 Bruins win.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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